Are DIGESTIVE ISSUES like Irritable Bowel (IBS) persisting even tough you seen other MD’s without improvement? What to do…

In the Functional Medicine (FM) Model/LifeStyle Medicine (LSM) would first review the whole history and previous ‘tests’ (should of included: colonoscopy, GI study- up/lower, which many times will show NO Pathologies and usually treated with a tropane alkaloid which slows the motion down in the intestinal tract. Slower moving means transit time is increased, so that means basically that food putrefies in the gut while in route… which is not- good!)

In the FM/LSM model an extensive history would be taken. People with IBS and the such in this model of medicine would have a Digestive Stool Test (DST) and Allergy Blood Test (ABT). DST is a test for testing for food intolerance or sensitivities because of pathogens that infect the intestinal tract (parasites), while ABT is especially useful to check for allergies to specific allergens and people who have life threatening reactions to certain allergens. The treatment in FM/LSM would be to administer natural pharmaceuticals that would eliminate the pathogen and if allergies present such as to rice, gluten etc. an elimination diet would be recommended.

In either case, other support to do is see your Chiropractor to maintain spinal health- Structure is Function!

If you have any question or would like to explore is this approach is for you, contact me.