You can reverse the aging process and reclaim your health in no time at all!

Can you imagine what your Life, Health, Relationships & Future would look like if you didn’t suffer from chronic conditions that prematurely age you, rob you of energy & vitality ?

Hi there, it’s Dr. Pat!

I refuse to remain silent, and watch people get sick, suffer, die way before their time & make poor choices because no one ever told them anything different. I made this video just for YOU !

Watch my video again and again or share it with a friend in need, then Take The Quiz below and get Your “Health Snap Shot”.

 I’m here to help you – the video lasts 3 minutes – Surely, your health is worth, 3 minutes !

Now take a minute and imagine aging gracefully, abundantly & healthier because you had a plan & paid attention to warning signs before it is too late!

Who doesn’t want that?! The life I speak of is a REALITY for my clients. I’d like that for YOU too!

When I look around, I see a lot of people who are sick & don’t know it. It’s unnecessary & breaks my heart. I am choosing to do something!



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I have known Patricia Boulogne as a physician and a friend for over 30 years. As owner and president of a large, regional advertising agency for 25 years, I suffered from severe neck and back issues related to the stress of my business. Thank goodness for Patricia! Her chiropractic treatments and adjustments are legendary as well as her nutritional advice…read more…

Rebecca A. Pierce
Cape Cod, MA

Nothing happens by chance. Dr Pat Boulogne and I crossed paths at the beginning of this year, 2017. We are friends. My passion is- rowing, I have competed for years. My favorite race is “The Head of the Charles” it is held in Massachusetts every year. This year is especially special for me. My goal is to win in my division. 

Thank you Dr Pat….read more…

Bob Eldridge
Wellesley, MA

Dr. Patricia Boulogne is my ‘go’ to person and my Lifestyle Medicine and Nutritional Strategist. Following her advice has basically reversed my chronic condition and I feel just great. With Dr Pat’s timely and sensible recommendations, plus my results I have experienced, I am certain the stage is set for longevity and vitality. I am allergy free and will continue to use her services on a regular basis…read more…

Marli Thibodeau CPC
Portland, ME

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