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I believe there is a great advantage in using one’s Voice, creating Visibility, and contributing Value. I believe that words hold the power to EntertainInformMotivateDemonstrate, and/or Persuade. It is the perfect stage to share congruent messaging from the authentic hearts, offering solutions and ‘soul-utions’.

My diverse background includes experience as a physician, international best-selling author, speaker, workshops, lectures, online courses, podcasts, radio, and more.

Talking points: Topics of the Be Stronger Than Medicine platform includes but are not limited to:

The 5-Pillars of Health, Motivation, Positive Mindset, Mental Health & Well-being, General Health and Wellness, Weight Loss, Anti-aging, Women’s Health, Chronic Inflammatory Disease, Improving Productivity, Relationships, Lifestyle Solutions at Home and or at Work, and other superior wellness initiatives; as well as the best-seller WHY… Are You Sick, Fat, and Tired?


BIO and Media Sheet:

Dr. Patricia Boulogne, DC, CCSP, AP, CFMP is a Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner, Coach, Chiropractor, Speaker, and Author.

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Sample Questions:

1. What motivates you as a doctor and businessperson?

2. Who do you serve?

3. What is “Einstein’s Time”?

4. What is your bestseller all about, and tell me about the title?

5. Why is making a paradigm shift with mindset so important?

6. What’s going on with mindset and mental health these days?

7.What are the reasons why people really get sick? (The 3 T’s)

8. What’s the link between diet, lifestyle, and environment?

9. Is there a magic sauce for making lasting lifestyle changes?

10. How does your bestseller relate to the workplace?

11. How does someone use your bestseller as a guidebook/advocating tool

12. If people are sick and don’t know it, how do they know they have
something going on? (Grim Reaper Syndrome)

13. What are 5 lifestyle solutions anyone can do to improve their health

14. What are 3 tips you give other practitioners to have better compliance and