I have know Dr. Pat since our studies at Life Chiropractic College. I have been in practice in Massachusetts since graduation, and we have been colleagues and close friends for many years. When Dr. Pat was practicing in Massachusetts, I referred my patients from Boston to her on Cape Cod when they were traveling. She is always professional and is a gifted chiropractor.

Andrea Vinson, Owner, Andrea Coates Vinson, D.C.


I have enjoyed watching her discover her passion for functional medicine and coaching. She has the ability to ask just the right questions to get to the underlying cause, is able to motivate her clients to reach their goals, and is an expert in this field. This unique combination of abilities brings added value to her work with clients and colleagues. I recommend Dr. Pat without reservation.

I have known Patricia Boulogne as a physician and a friend for over 30 years. As owner and president of a large, regional advertising agency for 25 years, I suffered from severe neck and back issues related to the stress of my business. Thank goodness for Patricia! Her chiropractic treatments and adjustments are legendary as well as her nutritional advice. Over and over again, I would walk in nearly crying in pain, and walk out good as new. 

Rebecca A. Pierce, Cape Cod, MA


Other friends and associates agreed where would be without Patricia. Now retired, I have sought her help not only for her chiropractic genius, but for her expert knowledge and strategies in LifeStyle & Functional Medicine. Patricia Boulogne is a gifted, sensible, insightful and incredibly talented doctor who I can recommend most highly.

Nothing happens by chance. Dr Pat Boulogne and I crossed paths at the beginning of this year, 2017. We are friends. My passion is- rowing, I have competed for years. My favorite race is “The Head of the Charles” it is held in Massachusetts every year. This year is especially special for me. My goal is to win in my division. Unfortunately, shoulder pain was hindering my workouts and personal life. Based on test results, I had arthroscopic surgery on my right shoulder. It was thought that I had a tear in my rotator cuff. 

Bob Eldridge, Wellesley, MA


During the surgery it was discovered that there was no tear, but the doctor still went ahead and cleaned up some arthritis.

After the surgery I could not use my arm at all. It was very painful for days. It interfered with my sleep, activities of daily living and- I could not even pick my coffee mug up to drink from! The doctor thought because I was so active prior to the surgery, he did not recommend any physical therapy. He thought that the shoulder would come back to full function quickly, but it did not. Dr Pat offered to help me expedite that healing with Acupuncture, Chiropractic, and LifeStyle Medicine. The result was amazing. In the very first session, I regained 30% of range of motion. That wowed me. The next day I was able to pick my coffee mug up with no pain. I saw Dr Pat in total 4-5 times with similar results and regained full function.

I do not know what I would of done without her expertise. My competitive edge is back and training full on for The Head of the Charles Regatta 2017. I am now a 100% and remain so thanks to Dr Pat. I highly recommend her; she is truly an expert in her field.

Thank you Dr Pat.

Dr. Patricia Boulogne is my ‘go’ to person and my Lifestyle Medicine and Nutritional Strategist. Following her advice has basically reversed my chronic condition and I feel just great. With Dr. Pat’s timely and sensible recommendations, plus my results I have experienced, I am certain the stage is set for longevity and vitality. I am allergy free and will continue to use her services on a regular basis.

Marli Thibodeau CPC,  Portland, ME


As a business owner with a demanding schedule, it is important to feel my best all the time in order to offer my clients exceptional service.
Working with Dr. Pat, I have not missed a beat and never felt better- and so will you!!!

For some years I had pain in my wrists in the backs of my hands which prevented me from doing more than a few press-ups I would have to stop. After Dr. Pat performed her assessment and using her technique, I was eager to try some more press-ups and well. All I can say is you did something amazing!

Mark, United Kingdom


No hype here, I did 2 full press ups – with no pain!! A couple of months later and I can complete a whopping 20 full press ups. Thanks, Dr. Patricia Boulogne, you are a credit to your profession. I don’t think there is another doctor out there that can do what you did. I’m very grateful for your help.

When it comes to my health and making lifestyle changes, the first person I consult is Dr. Patricia Boulogne, AskDrPat. I have been a patient/client of Dr. Pat for over 30 years. I am a recipient of her vast knowledge in Nutrition, Lifestyle Medicine Strategies, Chiropractic and Acupuncture treatments and coaching which has kept me prescription drug-free and living the life I have always dreamed of. She has added so much value to my life.

Sharon Hawkins


Her recommendations make sense, are timely and practical.  Just recently I was struggling with shoulder pain. After numerous secessions with other healthcare professionals and getting nowhere,  I was resigned that I was going to have to live with it. I heard that Dr. Pat was back in town and I reached out to her. She saw me right away. As usual, she right on target with her diagnosis and treated my shoulder and recommended targeted supplementation. I was back to normal, 3 treatments.

What I really like about Dr. Pat she is invested in seeing her clients improve and maintains a certain active lifestyle. She listens, doesn’t judge and has been supportive of me when I have considered other medical procedures. Her common sense and practicality give me peace of mind. Her knowledge of nutrition and its relationship to healing and prevention of disease is priceless! She is a visionary leader in her profession.

I highly recommend Dr. Pat Boulogne- a healer, teacher, mentor, and coach

Thank you

I saw Dr. Pat for personal lifestyle coaching. I am a healthy woman who in now in menopause and needed assistance in finding balance in my life. Her efficient knowledge , assisted me to get on the path of feeling balanced with right supplements, food intake. I know have more energy, less hormonal issues, less stress are what we achieved in our results…Thanks to Dr. Pat, her and I will continue to work together obtain a live, life balance for a stronger, healthier me. I am so so fortunate and you would too!

Anne D’Angelo, Dining Supervisor at Deaconess Abundant Life Communities

I engaged Dr. Patricia Boulogne as a coach on a longer-term basis after completing a prior sessions with her to support my achieving my personal and professional goals. My expectations from sessions with her were surpassed beyond my imagination. They have motivated me at the same time as I was progressing forward and achieving my goals. I am highly enthralled with her, her expertise and knowledge not only as a coach but also in the field of medical sciences

Mudassir Azam Ali, Sales Executive at Master English Education & Training, GCC


– functional medicine and solution based lifestyle medicine strategies plus also having diverse interest and expertise related to psychological well-being, maintaining a healthy life style and work-life balance. As a postgraduate student in the field of psychology, I feel truly inspired and grateful to Dr. Patricia as a life and business development coach. I am very contented with her work and strongly recommend her to you and/or organizations as a coach.

Dr. Pat and I collaborate. We write articles on health solutions with functional & lifestyle medicine. Dr. Pat is a wonderful mentor with incredible insight. She has mentored me to write articles that are more suited for the public at large. Dr. Pat has a keen sense to get to the matter of the subject, zone in and par down. I really enjoy working with her and look forward towards our project(s).

Rabbanie Tariq, M.D., Ambassador at European Lifestyle Medicine Organization

Dr Pat Boulogne is exceptional in her area of expertise. I have engaged her services from chiropractic, acupuncture along with coaching all with excellent results. Dr. Pat’s common sense approach and innate keen sense to get to the cause of the problem for me has been incredible. I am amazed at her vast source of knowledge when addressing diet and lifestyle strategies, an area that is second nature to her. She is gifted and she is solutions oriented. 

Tim Lane, Board Member at American Humane

Dr Pat is such an inspiring gift to the world. She is so knowledgeable in so many aspects of health and has the ability to connect the dots to find root cause resolutions by thinking upstream and outside the box of conventional medicine. She a great advocate for natural healing. It is an honor to know her.

Jacquie Walburn, Condition Specific Nutrition & Lifestyle Coach/Leaky Gut Girl. ‘Successfully empowering YOU to take back YOUR health!’

Dr Pat was an extraordinary coach and healer, got me through many sports and related injuries.
I am better off today having worked with her and give her the highest accolades for her work.
Thanks for letting me be a contributor.

Michael MurphyAttorney, Investigator-Consultant, CAMS

Dr. Pat is a physician, mentor and coach with high level professionalism. She is compassionate, exceptionally focused, instinctive and extremely intelligent in the field of nutrition and other styles of patient care especially Chiropractic and Oriental Medicine.

Gabriel Vasha,  Palm Beach, FL


Dr. Pat has a special ability to zero in on the health issue and design individualized treatment plans that end with positive and absolutely amazing results. Dr. Pat looks for the ‘cause’ of the problem and finds solutions for the best outcome. I have never been dissatisfied in all the years I have used her services, starting around 1994.

I highly recommend and endorse Dr. Pat to anyone who has not gotten answers or has been left on their own when others have failed to find a solution

I have known Dr. Patricia Boulogne (Dr Pat) for over 20 year and first engaged her services when she was establishing herself in Massachusetts. Dr Pat treatments were beyond what I had experienced before. Dr Pat would make direst suggestions on nutrition and life style that were always spot on. 

David P.H. Leitner , Retired Attorney, Naples, FL


Now that Dr Pat has extended her services to offer both Acupuncture and LifeStyle Medicine, mentoring and coaching, I always make my first call to her for all my health advice. I honestly don’t know if I’d be alive today if it wasn’t for Dr. Pats diagnosis, acumen and intuition. Dr Pat recommended and insisted on a medical test, based on her knowledge that literally saved my life early on.

Though I now live far away from Dr Pat, she accepts my phone calls, listens carefully, asks pertinent question and gives me timely advice pertaining to health, wellness and activities of daily living. Dr Pat is the best, and has added value to my life. I highly recommend her without hesitation.