Unleash the Power Within: Elevate Your Life with Dr Pat Boulogne

Unlock Your True Potential through Personalized Guidance
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1-On-1 Coaching with a Mentor’s Heart

This personalized designed ‘one-to-one’ 12-week journey, just you and me, where I provide guided support and accountability as you discover and create the mindset and life you want to live that is healthier, and happier, with science-based functional and lifestyle solutions. Reach any reasonable goal quicker, safer, and with measurable results more consistently/.

This is for you if you want to find better solutions for your life, mindset, and health. You’re looking for the “fair” advantage to make better decisions, reach any reasonable goal, and maximize desired outcomes faster, and with measurable results. You’re supported with mindset mastery, superior wellness initiatives, and accountability. The result is you’re happier, and have even more control over your life, lifestyle, and health, consistently. 

One on One

Ready to Rekindle Vitality and Live with Abundant Possibility will elevate and empower “all” aspects of your life- mind, body, soul, and financially by:

  • Design and develop a powerful plan for mindset strategies that get you unstuck and live life on your terms resulting in thinking, feeling, and moving better.
  • Discover what has been stopping or slowing you down from your perfect day
  • Develop and implement a step-by-step strategy that creates your perfect day 
  • Rekindle the energy you need to get through even your longest day
  • Discover and manage what stresses you out so it becomes a thing of the past
  • Discover the system to manage time, manage distractions, and improve productivity for you