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You Need Your ‘Health’ and ‘Mind’ For Everything Work With DR. PAT

That’s why I empower busy professionals, entrepreneurs, and executives just like you to achieve their greatest goals in less time.

Being on you’re A-game is essential. Having the right plan that is customized and streamlined for you to know where to spend your time, energy, and money keeps you unstuck and moving forward, and inspire you to reach your big goals even quicker.

Think, Move, Feel, and Live Life Limitlessly on target whether working from home or the office.

Truth is, if your health and mind aren’t in sync, days get long, goals are not met, and relationships in and out of work suffer.

Work With DR. PAT

– Are you
at the pentacle of your career, running non-stop, finding that you’re not having fun or have anything left over for those that matter? 

– Are you eating on the run, need a coffee, fast food, or sweets, tapped out, and exhausted day in and day out?

– Are you finding it more difficult balancing out your career, family, parents, relationships, and no me time?

What if there was a solution that could make a massive difference in all aspects of your life that results in being even more productive, successful, and healthier and having the mindset mastery to make it through even your toughest days- on top of your game?

Yes… Limitless Energy, Quality Sleep, Stress Reduction,   Feeling Like “YOU” Again.

Going back to basics and your bottom line numbers for health and mind are crucial to your ROI.

You can thrive on all levels mentally, physically, spiritually, socially, and financially. When following and implementing simple strategic formulas designed just for you, you will be living your best life, not your nightmare.

Now, if you’ve achieved this, BRAVO!

For decades I was on my A-game, driven, and using science-based solutions for my clients and patients, and lifestyle strategies that were safe, quicker more robust, and personalized. I love seeing people successfully optimize their health, mindset, and full human potential.

Then, one day I woke up with a life-changing realization, “Physician Heal Thyself” Luke 4:23. I was burned out, exhausted, and I knew that to continue to serve and practice what I preach, I had ‘fix’ me…

I used my own proven systems and program with my gift of out-of-the-box thinking, I found even better solutions that were easier to implement that sustain ones A-games and optimize!


That’s when I wrote my internationally renowned best seller, “WHY… Are You Sick, Fat. and Tired? Click Here to Learn More

We create personalized programs that allow you to achieve your greatest goals in less time, get even more out of your life without sacrificing your career and relationships, and live your best life now.

Truth is Mindset Matters. Where Your Mind Goes, Your Body Follows!

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Strategy - Discovery Session

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To make sense of how this quest will work for you, schedule a complementary “Strategy – Discovery Session” with me.

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A personalized designed 12-week one-on-one journey transforms, guides, and is backed by science-based lifestyle solutions.


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This 6-week group program is from basics to extraordinary. Jumpstart your mindset mastery and lifestyle solutions to an even more healthier, productive you. Join our team to enhance your success today..


Encouraging your success with like-minded peers to make sense of challenges, in a quicker, safer, simpler advice, solutions and input of its group members.

mindset + motivation + health = success