The right nutritional supplement can make all the difference in impacting and improving lives, health, wellness, and longevity. 

That is why we partnered, use, and recommend Metagenics. 

Metagenics makes sense of nutrition whether it is general to maintain optimal health or is specialized for targeted solutions. 

They are a company that has been delivering high-quality, science-based nutritional supplements, medical food, and lifestyle programs for over 30 years for hundreds of thousands lives. 

Results Matter. 

Make A Better Decision and Difference In Your LifeStyle Solutions:  

Why are you sick fat and tired?

Essential oils are not just for ‘smelling nice’ and many of them have an array of uses that enhance health, well-being with strategic applications and home uses to elevate the total life experience. 

Essential oils have been used for thousands of years to enhance lives that result in healthier habits and positive lifestyle outcomes. They are concentrated abstractions harvested form plants, herbs, and trees that when properly processed, renders health and wellness benefits in a concentration oil that is more robust than in their original plant form. 

When I did my research, I realized very early on that not all essential oils are made the same. My choice landed with “Young Living” as being of the purest distillations, seed to seal, therapeutic relevancy, safety and ease of use. 

Whether applied: Topically on the skin, Aromatically- breathed in, or Consumed- eaten… a few drops of an essential oil benefits can enhance your physical wellness, purify your home, and refine your beauty regime. 

Knowing how to use them safely starts with knowing the individual oils labeling instructions as well as following guidelines to make certain safe use of essential oils. Do your research and consult an expert. 

What I love about this company, Young Living it their unique process starts with growing on their own fields, partner farms and certified suppliers, their care in harvesting their crops, and strict guidelines for distillation into products of natures very best in each bottle. 

I use thee oils with confidence in all my lifestyle choices for over 5 years now. 

My first purchase was the “The Premium Starter Bundle (Starter Kit) with Dewdrop Diffuser.” 

$165, valued at approximately $440

Why are you sick fat and tired?

The question isn’t IF you are toxic. The questions is How Toxic Are You? 

Toxins are everywhere, from the foods you eat, the water you drink, the air that you breathe, and chemical you use for cleaning your house, an garden and lawn you come in contact with everyday. READ the labels for words you cannot pronounce and side-effects you never want to get… 

Here is a supplement that has your back.


ClearDrops® is the FIRST and ONLY dietary supplement in the world that can support the claim of crossing cellular membranes. This product holds 3 active patents globally, to December 31, 2034.

Clear Drops was invented by Dr. Nikolaos Tsirikos, who is the President of Metron Nutraceuticals.

To understand ClearDrops, one first needs to understand what scientists have known about ZEOLITE for a long time:

  • It is a chemical cluster formed when volcanic lava spills into the sea, is a powerful absorbent and binder of heavy metals and other toxins that we are exposed to on a daily basis.
  • It helps improve intestinal barrier harmony and boost the immune system.  
  • That is why this product is important. 

ZOI ClearDrops® is PROVEN capable of crossing the cell membrane to gain access to the inner cell by abstracting inner cellular toxins and removing them from the body.  

ClearDrops® is a PROVEN solution to a big long-standing problem caused by the chronic accumulation of toxins such as heavy metals, herbicides, pesticides, and viral particles and offers a solution of DAILY systemic detoxification.

Click below ,watch a short video and discover how Zoi ClearDrops® just might help you live your best life, cleaner, healthier and longer.

Why are you sick fat and tired?

Do you really need a filter?

– Do you live 2,000 feet or less from a major highway?

– Have you purchased new furniture or carpet in the past 10 years?

– Do you have pets?

– Do you drink water at your house?

– Are you predisposed to or suffer from any health conditions?

– Do you want to create vibrant health?

If you answered yes to any of those questions, this information is for you!

Your home should be a sanctuary.

Order the best air filter today… discounted pricing included in the links. 

Why are you sick fat and tired?

Breathe in, breathe out… you deserve access to cleaner air in and around environments you live. 

There are so many purification systems out there… picking one over the other can be overwhelming. if you are in the market for a system- before you buy,  check out AirDoctor systems for professional quality air purification system, HEPA, and at an affordable price

AirDoctor removes a wide range of pollutants from viruses to VOCs. AirDoctor is 
backed by rigorous science and third-party testing to bring you pure peace of mind.

AirDoctor is independently tested to remove particles as small as 
0.003 microns, including 99.99% of tested bacteria and viruses.

Get all the facts, and be informed so you can have peace of mind… for yourself and your family.

AirDoctor systems are regular third party validation for various airborne pollutants that may cause harm. 

AirDoctors are: Closed seal system for the up most filtration

  • Protect your home… place where you live, play, eat, sleep and grow from pollution and in-home environmental toxins.
  • Interior pollutants are linked to short and long term chronic problems 
  • Order now and save up to $300 

Find out which AirDoctor System is your ideal system with Dr. Pat’s Discount…

Why are you sick fat and tired?

Water, water everywhere- nor a drop to drink.

Transform Your Tap ….

AcuTru is the cutting edge reverse osmosis water purifiers for every home and every budget.

Tap water is not as safe as you think. millions of people across the country unknowingly drink water containing chemicals that have long-term, negative effects on your body, health and well-being. 

American tap water contains over 270 different dangerous contaminants. In fact, the Water Quality Association notes that tap water contaminants includes Lead, Arsenic, Chlorine, Fluoride, Nitrates, PFAs and many more … 

Reverse Osmosis system that is Independently Verified and removes over 78 different toxic contaminants including:

  • Lead
  • Chromium 6
  • Chlorine and Chloramines
  • Fluoride 
  • Pesticides and Fertilizers 
  • PFOA and PFOS 
  • Order  now for up to a $100 savings

Fact: Your body is made up approximately of 60% of water.

Fact: You need to water to hydrate your body every day for every organ system in the body.

Fact:  You need…. 50% of your body weight in ounces/day

Take control now… of what you drink and the quality of water 

Find out which AcuaTru System is your ideal system with Dr. Pat’s Discount 

Why are you sick fat and tired?

Do this QUIZ first…

Many times, we just don’t know if our organs are functioning at 100% and, we know that being healthy is more than just the absence of any disease or sickness. 

Let’s get a better sense of you and how you are handling your immediate environment… It is so easy to get accustomed to thinking it’s my age, it’s my lot in life, it’s my genetics and- it’s just the way it is.  

This cost you time, and that is something you cannot make up or have enough of. Once it happens, it is gone, and you are left with a memory or regret.

So let’s see if you should pay more attention now. Check in with yourself and get a sense if something in your health maybe going on with your bottom-line, and look at getting back to basics. 

Do this QUIZ first…

Yes  No
1.  Do you feel like your health has declined or worsened in the last 2 years? 
2.  Has your body weight changed either up or down by 10% in the last 5 years without dieting?
3.  Do you have difficulty falling or staying asleep? 
4.  Do you take any prescription medications?
5.  Do you take any over-the-counter non-prescription medications (for pain, inflammation, upset stomach, sleep-aids etc)?
6.  Has your doctor told you that you have blood pressure, blood glucose and/or cholesterol issues? 
7.  Do you catch every cold and flu that goes around?


If, you answered “YES” to any of the above questions, then get this book now:

 WHY. . . 



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Why are you sick fat and tired?

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