You tried everything- psychotropic drugs like Zoloft and Ativan, Herbs like St John’s Wart/Valerian, Acupuncture, Chiropractic, Massage and NOTHING WORKS that is long lasting. You want to get to the CAUSE of the Anxiety, so what should you do?

Get find a doctor who practices Functional/LifeStyle Medicine. This kind of doctor takes a serious look in to your history that is unique to you and solution based on what works. Out of the box testing is done that the traditional doctor doesn’t order, because that kind of doctor treats the end result of a disease not the ‘CAUSE’.

Test that might be ordered are: Adrenal Stress Index is the most important test to order with anxiety to look at cortisol levels high or low are linked into causes of anxiety. Based on these findings supplement s such as phosphatidylserine might be a choice if appropriate. Also, it is necessary to look at the gut in cases of Anxiety and evaluate the functionality of the digestive system, that test would be; Comprehensive Candida Blood Test looking for abnormal levels which if so will require a prescription meds, plus supplementation support of a anti-candida and candida treatment protocol.

Looking at ‘things’ that stress and contribute abnormal cortisol levels is important, for example:

  1. Food Sensitivities
  2. Environmental and/or Chemical Toxicities
  3. Bacterial & Parasitic GI Infections
  4. Fungal (candida) Infections

Treatment should be based on Objective Findings not Pseudo Scientific Parameters. .. In the new paradigm of medicine the ‘whole’ you are taken into account. In all cases, discuss your situation with knowledge when speaking with your doctor.


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