MENOPAUSE- hot flashes, decreased libido, wt gain usually starting about late 40’s – 60’s for most women. Many just deal with the symptoms above. Traditional Western MD would probably prescribe ‘Estrace’ for example, but- you really need to be concerned with side-effects.

In Functional Medicine (FM)/LifeStyle Medicine (LSM) would perform an extensive history, review all medical records and order a ‘Woman’s Hormonal Panel’. The possibilities are numerous- a common one is estrogen/progesterone imbalance which maybe the result of being estrogen dominant and not enough progesterone- this makes one have extremes symptoms mentioned above accompanying, emotional variations.

Treatment in cases like this is to administer proper balance of hormones which you get a prescription given by your FM doctor and then get it filled at a compound pharmacist (getting more popular these days). Secondly, is to loose weight that supports this life change and get more active which in and of itself keeps emotions in better check. Lastly, see your Chiropractor to maintain spinal health, and remember structure is function!

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