I recently read an article on TOXIC HEAVY METALS and THYROID-

Neuroendocrine function is impaired by heavy metal poisoning- mercury. Thus, THYROID function can easily be impaired by toxic metals such as: Mercury, Cadmium, Lead and others…

Toxic Metals are of no use to your body or its chemistry, and not needed for any bodily function. The one everyone seems to know is Mercury, but there are more. When metals are in the wrong form- toxic and can impair your health.

What is the connection between Wt Loss? Toxic metals directly effect thyroid function and estrogen production. A thyroid that is impaired, specifically T4 to T3 conversion acts puts a coat of armor around your fat cells that no amount of diet or exercise will be of use for someone with thyroid deficiency.

There is good evidence that heavy metals (mercury, cadmium, lead, etc.)  impair the thyroid (endocrine function. For sure toxic metals in your body are not desirable and may impair the function of the thyroid in certain individuals.

Therefore, if you cannot loose weight no matter what then it is best to have a test to objectively see if heavy metals are the issue. It is best to order the 3 or 6 hour Urinary Heavy Metal Toxic Test using challenging agents like: DMSA or DMPS.  When the heavy metals are removed thru a specific protocol the thyroid can convert T4 to T3 . When that happens,  it is easy to loose weight loss and thyroid function usually is restored. Here are the steps you need to follow…

To Rid Yourself Of Toxic Metals Follow these 5 Easy Steps:
1. find a doctor thoroughly trained in the evaluation & treatment of heavy metal detoxification.
2. be certain your phase 1 & 2 detoxification pathways are functioning optimally
3. eliminate all heavy metals exposure
4. infraRed Sauna
5. use if recommended by your doctor appropriate chelating  agents that assist in the removal of toxic metals from your body.

source: FMU