A New Breast Cancer Detection Test Exist… you must insist on this TEST! THE BREATH TEST!

In the near future (I hope), gone will be the days of Mammograms that are painful (just ask any woman) and perhaps injure delicate tissue at the same time while radiating them, each and every year, in the name of “preventive medicine and early detection”. The reasons, the doctor will tell you are early detection to monitor and keep a watchful eye on your breast for early signs of- Breast Cancer. In literature I have read in the past, it sites mammograms as not diagnostic until after the age of 50.In many instances many doctors want to start taking mammograms much earlier, especially if there is a family history of Breast Cancer.

Medical science has finally found a way to detect breast cancer- more accurately and earlier than with painful mammograms that induce harmful radiation effects. The Columbian Presbyterian Medical Center, Georgia Tech, Emory University and the University of Ulm in German has found that ‘The Breath Test (TBT)” can find cancer even before a mammogram. In short, that is important because mammograms can elicit many negative readings for many years before a Cancer actually shows up in the first place versus TBT which can pick up the Cancer much earlier. Research has shown that if TBT is NEGATIVE, you DO NOT need a mammogram. Fact- a Negative Breath Test is… superior to mammograms. Mammograms have many false positives which make woman go through biopsies, worry, expense and associated surgical/anesthesia risk. I had that very experience myself and had a biopsy that was negative from a false positive on a mammogram, and that cost for an hour procedure in Boston, MA. $6000.

What is ‘The Breath Test’ and what does it measure?
TBT is simple. It is performed by a patient (men/women) who breathes into a tube which has an absorbent pad that captures a breath sample and analyzed by a sensor. It is that easy. The contents are evaluated to what if any chemicals are present. It looks for specific patterns in the compounds it traps to see if there is the presence or absence of Cancer. The test measures organic compounds expelled from the lungs and identifies the ones that are linked directly to Breast Cancer. The two chemical of interest are: alkanes and methylalkanes. In the study conducted on TBT it revealed and distinguished 94.1% sensitivity in women who had and woman who did not have Breast Cancer. That is astounding!
Remember that it is well documented that women who have had biopsies and have Cancer have higher levels of environmental chemicals such as pesticides, toxins from auto and industrial exhaust; plasticizers form our food and air, heavy metal and other chemical compounds. These chemicals are called ‘Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) and are considered, a global epidemic because they are being found more and more in populations. When VOCs accumulate to an amount that the body can no longer handle it expresses itself as a disease. There is an abundance of free radicals that eat at the cell membranes and produce… alkanes and methylalkanes.

The very good news is… we can measure these chemicals, the VOCs and nutrients deficiencies caused by the perpetual exposure to these chemicals. Because of TBT giving a new meaning to early detection and its accurate information- we can correct the deficiencies and eliminate the Cancer causing chemicals in your body. Food for thought… but do not wait.

If you have any questions… Ask Dr Pat.