As a LifeStyle Medicine Strategist, I do not treat cancer, fibromyalgia, osteoporosis, heart disease or menopause for example… I DO  NOT treat Disease, end of story. My goal is to target in on what is not working in the body causing a problem. Given two people with the same ‘diagnosis’, it is imperative to find what is at the root. What might be true of one person may be totally different that t…he next with the same signs and symptoms. Yes, you can have identical signs and symptoms, but have TOTALLY different reasons why the problem exist! That is why Western Medicine FAILS again, and again!
It makes sense, right? You have to look at your environment also, as there may be chemical sensitivity, or mineral deficiencies, or a gut issue like parasite or bacteria that is out of control. In some instances you need to look at Thyroid dysfunction and not just a preliminary test like levels of TSH which doctors check but do not usually go farther. A doctor of the future needs to look out his box… unfortunately you need to understand that they are only doing what they have been trained to do.
If you are not getting better with traditional medicine, then it is time to consider LifeStyle Medicine that is all about you, and looking at the real cause.
Be Well, Eat Well, Rest Well, Think Well (thoughts) and support a optimal functioning nervous system. If you want to know how…
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