Why do I do this… I am driven to help people get well and maintain that wellness? In a way that makes sense for the end to justify the means!!!

Especially in this country- NO ONE has ever taught us how to eat. If it taste good and it is easy, sweet, salty, the bigger the better is what we have been brainwashed since the 50’s or there about is the norm. But, the incidence and rise of chronic debilitating disease to include depression have skyrocketed and most are directly related to you and your lifestyle habits.
Now is the time, not yesterday- NOW is the time for you to take control again and hire a coach/mentor like me to put your straight. I give serious thought to—what is the cause of the problem in the first place. I do not say, it is not going to be easy, but no one said it was going to be easy. In fact in the prologue in Scott M Peck’s book ‘People Of The Lie” he clearly states, “life is difficult” and I could not agree more. The end result in usually a short time (60-90 days) you experience a you that is healthier, energetic, a best you which adds eminence quality of life that is beyond value- with family, grandchildren, friends and engaged in doing life. You cannot do that if you are not well or if you do, it is never at 100%. Imagine what it would be like to be your best and healthiest daily every day!!! Can you see it?

If you remain in the realm of healthcare as it is handed out now, healthcare that is all about ‘the end’ specific disease approach that is geared to suppress the symptoms and not look at the real underlying cause of disease you may miss the opportunity to once and for all find and correct your health problem)s). Not only is that expensive, it is not a win/win. Western medicine after they used you as a guinea pig, release you saying… do not know what to tell you, we tried everything and you have more than a handful of meds that are as Dr Mayo said “poison for some…”, whether med or supplement . They do not know where to tell you to go, and you wasted ‘precious’ time. They are trying to identify and put a name on your health problem which fails to identify the real cause of the condition, not your uniqueness with medicine that is designed for you, only (your unique biochemical composition). When you take a step outside what you know (western medicine) LifeStyle Medicine/Functional Medicine helps people who have arthritis, fibromyalgia, diabetes, auto-immune disease, heart disease, osteoporosis, and many other degenerative diseases to reverse, stop or prevent the disease and the correlating symptoms. How great is that? Very!

In LifeStyle Medicine/Functional Medicine is a comprehensive highly individualized process that outcomes are directly proportional to significantly improving health via optimization of biological chemistry and your psychological function which may require different diagnostic test and treatment styles interventions. Ultimately, the goal is to promote health and incredible well-being and that my friend… is the Future of Medicine!!!

Question(s)… ask Dr Pat!