Unlike so many diets, the Perricone diet isn’t focused around weight loss. Rather Dr Nicholas Perricone maintains that is his diet and regime that includes supplements, and even lotions will make you live longer, get rid of wrinkles and look years younger. That’s because the Perricone diets reduce inflammation in your organs and that improves not only your metabolism but also your mood. It makes your body much more resistant to disease including heart disease and cancer, and it rejuvenates your skin and your immune system.

Dr. Nicholas Perricone takes a more holistic approach and combines it with recent developments on the science front. He offers a new theory focusing on neuropeptides, and he assures that this diet will help you loose weight while at the same time the wrinkles disappear. Let’s look at a few of the various Perricone diet choices.

The Perricone Prescription Diet

This rejuvenating program incorporates exercise, diet, and skin care to increase your energy level, improve your appearance, and decrease your risk of major health issues such as cancer or heart disease. Fish is an important food in the Perricone Prescription Diet.

The Perricone Acne Diet

Contrary to what the dermatology community believes that diet and acne have no correlation, Dr. Perricone believes just the opposite. Foods that anti-inflammatory are anti-acne. This would include foods such as apples. On the other hand pro-inflammatory foods like bananas will cause acne.

The Perricone Wrinkle Diet

The wrinkle diet is designed to not only reverse visible wrinkles but also to slow down the formation of new fine lines and wrinkles. This diet is high in omega 3 fatty acids found in salmon, in Vitamin C-ester, and in lipoic acid.

The Perricone Weight Loss Diet

Although all of the Perricone diets have weight loss as a side benefit, but this diet is geared towards weight loss as its main focus. As with many of the Perricone diets salmon is a staple in the diet. This program has you losing weight while keeping your body tone.

The Perricone diet is based on the principle that cellular information is the root cause of almost all health problems. This includes obesity. The diet’s goal is to eliminate inflammation or at least reduce inflammation in the body. Thus returning to the body to a healthy state.

Dr. Perricone has spent most of his career life developing his anti inflammatory diet program. The reduction of inflammation in the body results in weight loss, toned muscles, enhanced mood, improved brain function, as well as younger and healthier skin, and is a great wrinkle reducer.

Superfoods include cold water fish, fruits, spices, hot peppers, nuts, seeds, legumes, Probiotic dairy foods, vegetables, and whole grains. All of these are very important and when combined with superstar supplements will enhance your overall health. These supplements include omega 3 fish oils, alpha lipoic acid, astaxanthin, CoQ10m Chromium, glutamine, GLA, DMAE, and many others.

This anti-inflammatory lifestyle includes exercise and learning to reduce stress. Dr. Perricone’s diets have a lot to offer. You’ll not only look years younger and reduce skin wrinkles, you’ll actually be years younger in real-age.

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