You suddenly are tired, have chest pain and shortness of breath… and extreme fatigue. You go to ER (of course) and they look for what is wrong. If the find nothing, they will send you home. But a test they would or should do is a- lipid profile. If some of the Lab test has highs or lows make sure you follow up with a LifeStyle Medicine Strategist/Functional Medicine Physician and your regular doctor. Why- because in ER they… only do the basics. They have to have reason and positive findings to continue to test. Be aware that some things can be hiding…
Here are 4 Signs that would Indicate You Have a Serious Problem At Bay and Need To Seek  HELP. Who should you seek out… a LifeStyle Medicine Strategist and a Medical Physician that practices- Functional Medicine and your normal physician.
1- Cholesterol less than 150
2- A/G ratio less than 1.0
3- Albumin less than 3.5 with an absolute lymphocyte count less than 1500
4- Elevated calcium/albumin ratio greater than 2.7
These Red Flags= could possible indicate the presence of Lymphoma. Nothing to hesitate about- you need to seek a qualified individual who knows more test to do such as an Chest CT and a more comprehensive blood work up that would include not just a lipid profile but also Liver, Kidney and Cardio function test. The basic blood testing does not include the above 4 red flags. You have to know to look for them.
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