types of HA

In my 30+ years as a practitioner, it is my observation that people with migraines are poor detoxifiers and have gut issues, hence there is a metabolic connection. Therefore, it is probable to think liver involvement. The Liver’s job is to store blood, detox, hormone synthesis… and the Gut job is to absorb nutrients from the foods that we eat, basically. When the liver hits ‘toxic load’ either from a faulty gut or overloaded liver (food, environment, mental), the body tries to eliminate the toxins in the poop but sometimes it ends up storing those toxins instead. They store those toxins in fat cells. Fat cells are part of the endocrine system and many of those are around the waistline. Add Stress into the mix, and you have a mess. When choosing how to address solutions, you really need to know where to start…. the gut, the liver, stress. You have to look at the predominate pattern. Western Medicine generally only addresses the symptoms. If you do not get a handle on this sometimes debilitating problem, it can play out into many chronic disease patterns we know today and are LifeStyle induced, for instance: diabetes, some cancers, heart disease. If you only treat the symptoms of Migraine you are missing the boat. How do I know this, I suffered for years with migraines…. I do not any longer. Remember to go to the root to treat the cause. If you have any questions…