“Wellness Coaching  is about people improving their LifeStyle behaviors” Michael Arloski PhD says. He adds it is an alliance between a coach and a person 9or persons) who, through the benefit of that relationship, seek lasting, LifeStyle behavioral changes”.  Taking a real look at where you satisfaction levels are at in different arena of your life such as Environment, Fun & Recreation, Career, Money, Family, Friends, Significant Other etc. really gives a status of how someone is expressing Health-Wellness. From this you make meaningful Strategies and ways to implement those strategies for successful outcome.

From Michael Arloski PhD book on Wellness Coaching, he pointed out on page 12 that Judd Allen PhD, a board member of the National Wellness Institute surveyed many experts in the wellness field to get clarity on the definition of wellness. Generally speaking, Wellness is a consciousness, self-directed and evolving process of achieving full potential. It is multi-dimensional and holistic (encompassing factors like lifestyle, mental, spiritual well-being and the environment). It is positive and affirming.

Source: Wellness Coaching for Lasting Lifestyle Change, Michael Arloski PhD,

Comments: You have to remember that the absence of symptoms doesn’t mean you are well…there are degrees of disease and health-wellness.

-Dr Pat

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