A recent study concluded that this essential fatty acid, GLA (gamma-linolenic acid) had anti-tumor function and has minimized numerous kinds of cancer.

Where does GLA naturally occur? 

Grapeseed Oil Pumpkin Seeds
Olive Oil  Olives
Black Currant Seed Oil Chestnut Oil
Pine Nuts Sunflower Seeds (raw)
Borage Oil Evening Primrose Oil
Pine Nuts Sunflower Seeds (raw)


J.A.Menendez, PhD at the Evanston Northwestern Healthcare Research Institute in Illinois observed that GLA significantly reduced Her2/Neu (aka HER-2) protein levels at their expression level at the oncogene, Her2/neu. Oncogene cause normal cells to turn into cancer/tumors and is involved in the development of many types of cancer (human).

So what is a HER-2 anyway? Her-2 is a protein that is found on the surface of breast cells. We all have them. Normal cells contain 2 copies of Her-2 gene and they produce the Her-2 protein.

What does it do? It sends messages to the cell in a substance called ‘growth factor’ which tells the cells to grow and divide.  Since everyone has Her-2, the question is whether it is positive or negative? Positive in breast cancer her are called HER2/neu positive cancers and mean there are a lot of Her-2 proteins. Negative means that there are no Her-2 proteins or none and called, HER-2/neu negative cancer. Her-2 positive grow faster than Her-2 negative.

Unfortunately, in 20-30% of invasive breast cancer (an some others like ovarian, bladder) there is an abundant amount of the Her-2 protein produced. Thus, tumors that have these high concentrations of the protein are thus more aggressive and actually resist hormonal therapy, some chemotherapies and a poor prognosis (bad outcome).


GLA Treatment demonstrated a reduced Her’s-2 protein in the Her-2 cells in breast cancer, ovarian cancer and gastrointestinal cancer.

Lab Test that determines positive or negative HER-2 is: HUMAN EPIDERMAL GROWTH FACTOR RECEPTOR.

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Source and full article: Ronald Grasanti, DC, DABCO, DACBN, MS

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