With the number of population that is aging with associated Cataracts, the only option they hear is- surgery, surgery and surgery.

Cataracts are when the lens gets cloudy and you cannot see as well. The lens is a clear part of the eye that helps to focus light and images on the retina. The retina is the light sensitive tissue on the back of the eye. Normally, light passes through the lens to the retina which changes those light signals to nerve impulse and are then sent to the brain. The lens needs to be clear for this to happen and to have crystal clear vision. In the case of Cataract, the lens if cloudy and thus the end result- cloudy vision. Most people usually resort to surgery to replace the lens without considering the part of the problem may stem from lack of nutrients.

Symptoms of Cataracts:
-color vision distortion
-feels like you are looking thru a cloudy glass
-increased sensitivity to glare (oncoming head lights)
-blurred vision
-need for brighter light to see ‘clearer’
-double vision
-greater difficulty seeing in the dark
-vision is brighter in one eye

Most if not all American Ophthalmologist that SURGERY is the ONLY answer… if only the research agreed also that would be great, but it DOES NOT! Research show that CARNOSINE has been able to PREVENT and REVERSE CATARACTS in many cases. Because it is water soluble and a lipid parts of the eye, it acts by improving DNA repair, resulting in better vision!

In a study of people in their 60’s with cataracts 2-21 yrs who used ‘drops’ of carnosine solution 3-4 times a day for a few months showed marked improvement in vision… thus, for all intent and purpose- reversed their cataracts. In another study over a 6 month period of time with 2 groups one with the ‘real’ drops and the other, a placebo showed 90% of the eyes treated with n-acetyl carnosine showed an improvement in acuity by 7-100%. That is amazing and that is with ONLY supplementation.

How do you get this supplementation to try? It is called BRIGHT EYES from Life Extension. It contains the carnosine, vitamins- A and E. It is certainly worth a try… the key is consistency and using long enough.

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