I have said, you are what you eat, but more importantly “you are what you have the ability to absorb.”

Farmers are feeding their livestock candy. Candy is providing an inexpensive method to deliver carbohydrates such as Skittles, gel-like bears, and other candies. For sure you do not want to eat meat that is handled and tampered with in this fashion.

Where are their ethics… it is unnatural and abusive to the animal it is health consequence is deep. We know that meat is chock full of drugs, pesticides, antibiotics and what you eat is quite the inflamed piece of meat… it is a totally different when the animal is grass fed.

Research shows that GMO foods sources like wheat and corn, processed or over pasteurized foods including soy products make you sick. These are the same food that is fed to livestock. They are bad for them and you… now you know where gut issues come from. You are eating meat that is pumped with drugs, pesticides, antibiotics to counteract the induced abnormal inflammation induced into the gut. Yuck.

In many instances like this, the animals are raised in ‘tight quarters” with not only poor food sources and lighting. Just think about the pollution side of this and the waste that gets into the watershed and soil, another contributing factor to unhealthy outcomes in those areas.

Solution: Make better choices when it comes to eating meat and poultry. Eat grass fed, pastured meats which are a Win-Win not only for us but for the animal and the environment. If you choose to eat meat you must eat the best out there.Grass fed, pasture raised, free range is always the best.

Remember, you are not what you eat, you are what you have the ability to absorb!