The Atkins diet menu can help a person go against everything they have learned in the past about dieting and explore a plan that is geared to a different science. The whole premise is that the body can burn two forms of energy. First there is the carbohydrates capacity to supply energy. This is where your body searches for energy primarily in the form of glucose. But what you may not know is that the body also burns fat. When there is a significant reduction of the intake of carbohydrates, the body converts from using the primary form of energy to burning fat. This is a process commonly referred to as lipolysis.

The nest phase in this process is ketosis. When this process is taking place the release of fat is through the breath and urine. The body stops craving carbohydrates when if becomes accustomed to this.

Depending on the condition the metabolism is in, will determine what restrictions are placed on the variation of foods. The results are amazing once the dieter has been on the plan for a while. People on this program have been successful in losing huge amounts of weight, even if they are not working out. Regardless of the nutrition plan, a person should always exercise.

This plan is a good way to make a lifestyle change. A huge part of this program is being able to include eggs, meats and hard cheese with every meal. Eating carrots and lettuce is not a meal, for someone that is used to having meats with every meal. This diet will be excellent for this sort of person. Raw vegetables are not a main course the way it is with some competitors. And there are no preset times to eat a meal. Food combination will not be used either. The only thing in this plan that is like other diets is the fact that, you will need to drink plenty of water.

Dieters on the program have stated that their appetite has changed so much that they lose weigh very quickly because they are not as hungry. It has also been stated that they have experienced a peek in their energy levels.

Nutrition from supplements is necessary so that the participant will not be deprived, due to the high concentration of fat being used as energy. This plan does not allow for breads or refined sugars.

If someone interested in this program has health issues, such as lupus, kidney complications, this program is not for them. It is not a good idea to try this product if you are, pregnant or you are an adolescent.

Make sure to comparison shop. Take your time when searching for your proper fit. After being on the right program, you will surprise yourself when you look in the mirror and see how beautiful you are. One more thing to remember is to check with your doctor to make sure your decision will not be harmful. Try to make sure your plan offers as many health benefits as possible.

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By: Saiful M. Adli


Comments: Basic information that will give you the base of the Atkins Diet. You have to remember that the Atkins Diet is not just the 1st 2 weeks… It is a LifeStyle Health-Wellness Strategy for an Alternative & Integrative Medicine Solution to your best life!!! As mentioned above, you need to check with your physician before you embark on any weight loss or lifestyle program.

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