Perfect Aging – Does It Really Exist?

What came first the chicken or egg?

You can put the brakes on aging gracefully and give roots to doing it more, perfectly.

Diet, Lifestyle, and Physical Activity directly affect how our bodies either are older or younger. This is rightly called- BIOLOGICAL AGE.  Chronological age is the real deal, what is on your birth certificate, driver’s license etc?

We all know that person that defies aging. The person who comes to my mind is an icon, Sophia Loren. Does anyone want to disagree with me? There are others. How does this happen? Surely, the gene pool comes into play and what you see in the mirror is a reflection of how the genes you were dealt with are handling your environment- stress, food, water, and exercise. The ball is in your court, you have choices.

A recent study that involved over 900 adults that were tracked for 12 years, ages 26-58, revealed a trend that we are aging more rapidly and thus were not as healthy or for that matter, in good physical shape. A biggie is that would also include cognitive decline- and early signs of dementia and a greater risk of chronic illness and disease. Inflammation is a base component here also. You have to choose wisely foods and drinks that are anti-inflammatory in nature.

The key seems to be as some studies suggest, that to age gracefully and to be successful at it also, all starts in the- gut with high-quality foods (preferably organic), coupled with movement (exercise), and hydration.

You are not what you eat; you are what you have the ability to absorb. There is always something you can do.

How are you moderating your food and liquids so you are getting the most and best nutrients for your health? What is your go-to anti-oxidant drink? Mine- Ningxia by Young Living Essential Oils.

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