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Men just about NEVER admit they are sick… many of them are brought up to push through it, and ignore what is making them not feel well. When asked about how they are doing, many will tell you all sorts of Long Tales. I have been a health practitioner for over 38 years… I have heard everything. My favorite red flag for me is: “I am just FINE.” When they hit a crisis mode, many of their caretakers will tell you they become big babies.

It breaks my heart when I see anyone, not just men say they are “just fine.” Women also will say, my husband, kid, mother/father, and or sibling needs a recommended platform more than they do. Women are notorious for putting themselves last and not engaging in self-care. You know if you are Tired, and you know if you are Fat, but you do not always know WHEN or WHY you are SICK. Sick takes time to develop… and when something is lurking below the surface… and you get sick with, for example, this CV-19 going around, it will really tell you how your immune system is doing. If you know that you have other inflammatory conditions like heart disease, diabetes, hypertension, pulmonary disorders, and other inflammatory conditions, it sets you up to have a complete shutdown of your immune system, which I believe no one wants. Heading it off and keeping a watchful eye on your health and having a platform to do that is key to success and overcoming health obstacles.

What I want you to know is, anyone can take charge of their health anytime, any moment, there is always something you can do.

First, you need to decide how important it is to you, and your loved ones. Many people when asked if they knew what to do to be healthy, would they do it, hesitate! Really, you have to think about it. If you want to make those special moments in your life in good shape, beat the odds in flu season, and have more and better sex, then my question to you is: What keeps you up at night???  Then it makes sense to make doing what it takes to be healthy is paramount, right?

It all starts with what you choose to put into your body to have the best nutrition, your DIET. It is basic.. the rule of thumb is, when crap hits the fan, go back to basics. How does it get so out of control? By not paying attention. If you keep on how your parents ate, you will more than likely have the same health problems. That behavior has its consequences and ultimately taxes the immune system

This is why no matter who I coach and make sense of their ‘problem(s) so they do not get overwhelmed by the vast amount of information out there. we head back to basics to assess where we are and where to start that health journey, so you can realize the best version of you. You have to go back to GO, and if you are lucky and have a good immune system, then you can add to it, if not you need to do whatever it takes to get it back, it requires a lifestyle change and good lifestyle choices.

Many people have little clue what is really nutritious, or how to put it all together. There are too many non-sensical programs that put the cart before the horse that keep you away from having success in your health your whole life some are dangerous, and- if you are one of those who has a compromised immune system that task can seem daunting, and that you just were not blessed with the good genes.

Today, a factor that comes into play is epigenetics. “DNA modifications that do not change the DNA sequence can affect gene activity. Chemical compounds that are added to single genes can regulate their activity; these modifications are known as epigenetic changes, ” said the NIH- US Library of Medicine. 

Dr. Tom O’Bryan of The Dr, when he endorsed my bestseller/book WHY… Are You Sick, Fat and Tired? says “It doesn’t matter what the symptom pattern is, or what the diagnosis you’ve been given. The appropriate question is WHY? What is in my LIFESTYLE, DIET, AND ENVIRONMENT that has caused this problem?”
By learning to make better lifestyle choices with the foods you choose to eat, you can consciously make better choices. can directly have positive results. There is a better way, and the simple solution really starts with you. Are you willing to do what it takes to be healthy? Chapter 7 is the Immune System.

You are, after all, what you eat and have the ability to absorb.

If men and women paid better, not necessarily more attention to the quality and quantity of the foods they eat- the results would range from having more and better Strength, Energy, Stamina (in and out of bed), and Capacity. So, what foods support that result?



  1. TUNA-> Salmon, Herring, Sardines
  2. Mushrooms
  3. Egg Yolks
  4. Organic Cereals
  5. Oysters
  6. Shellfish
  7. Beef
  8. Beans
  10. VIT-D and Calcium



  • Soy
  • Dairy
  • Sugar (processed/fast foods)
  • Aging
  • Sedentary lifestyle
  • Chronic disease-> Heart disease, Obesity, Diabetes, and other underlying disease festering
  • Prescription or Over The Counter Drugs-Tobacco-Marijuana
  • Smoking-> Tobacco/Marijuana


“Men” rarely ask for help, or directions, and or freely go to their emotions. The same applies to women, men more than women. Men communicate more directly and get to the point. It keeps things simple and moving forward. Women are more complex, and that is why we can jump from topic to topic and not get lost in our conversations with each other. It is just a fact. So if you are a woman and have a man in your life that is not paying attention to their healthstop asking them how they feel is a confusing question.

If you are a man and a woman asks you about your health, we care.  Instead, ask about things like their XYZ project and how it’s going. Ask them about their goals. Lead by example, not by conversation.

Do you have this nailed or do you need help? Is there anyone advocating for you? Is this information is resonating with you? If so, then you owe it to yourself and your future self to do whatever it takes to have a strong immune system. To know where your health stands at a given point in time, the first thing to do is take an assessment. You can use this assessment in WHY… Are You Sick, Fat, and Tired? Finding your weakest/strongest health links,  as a tool so you can advocate for yourself, and ask the right questions. To get the right answers, you need to ask the right questions when you consult your healthcare provider. Chapter 7 is all about finding how your immune system may be doing now…

Let me help you make sense of signs and symptoms that may be warning signs that something is lurking below the surface. You know if you are tired, you know if you are fat. You do not know if you are sick and or why… find out now. Let me show you a better way, with simple solutions in as little as a few weeks.

Much love to You and Yours.

Dr. Pat