Sinus Infections and allergies are symptoms of a deeper underlying issue… especially if they are chronic. It is NOT normal to have issues like these to perpetuate.

Structure is function… see a Chiropractor and one who is versed in LifeStyle Medicine approach such a Functional Medicine. Insist on having an ‘Airborne Allergy Test and Food Sensitivity Test’. Your Home and/or Work environment may be killing you. It is vital that you know what it is that your body is allowing to co-exist and destroying your immune system, and then- do what it takes to eliminate molds and other toxins. Besides seeing the Chiropractor, there are natural pharmaceuticals that improve the immune system and enhance your response to environmental molds and toxins.

Would it not be great to be sinus and allergies in a more natural and whole approach?

See your Chiropractor and LifeStyle Medicine Strategist… sooner than later!!! The season is upon us, you should be celebrating it!

If you have any questions… Ask Dr Pat!