Today’s ‘Modern’ medicine is referred to as the “sick model’ by most health care insiders according to Dr. Pat and Dr. Dan. “Surface ‘healing’ is what too many physicians and modern practitioners deliver in exchange for a lot of money and questionable results. Even if less dangerous and effective wellness techniques or alternatives to pushing drugs are known, they are rarely practiced or recommended”, emphasizes Dr. Dan and Dr. Pat.

Another mistaken game plan most “sick model” physicians and practitioners use, is to treat individuals and not families. “The focus is on your most obvious illness and/or injury that you present. Once they’ve placed their high priced band-aid on the family lifestyle induced emergency issue at hand, they refer you to an expensive sickness ‘subcontractor’ or leave you to your own devices with little consideration for family wellness”, affirms Dr. Pat. “These sick practitioners seem to prove the old belief, “You can’t teach an old dog, new tricks”.

“Dr. Pat’s concern, frustration and anger is well justified”, states Dr. Dan. “My staff and I have made it a career to treat physicians, high profile, celebrity and other professional families. Most of these professionals and their families who successfully complete rehab are given a new lease on life much like being reborn again. Whether it was a near death or a career ending experiences comes through with renewed strength and hope that they can truly help save others and their family members”. Dr. Pat’s story is presented below:

“I had a recent experience myself that reminded me that the ‘sick model of medicine’ is alive and well in western medicine and needs, as Dr. Dan concludes in, “Analyzing Monsters – Family Cures” – rehab! I have been a proponent of the Wellness since 1981 and can translate the reframing of Wellness Medicine to what Dr. Dan refers to as “Smart Medicine” say Dr. Pat.

I had my first mammogram at the age of 40 and colonoscopy at the age of 56. You bread eaters out there beware. If you have been eating a typical American diet you ought to be scared. You could have a cathartic experience. I received few prescription drugs growing up and only took antibiotics maybe 3 times in 56 years. The results of the colonoscopy were only 3 small pockets that were so small that the attending nurse was surprised the physician even mentioned them. The results of the colonoscopy were negative, but- I did however have a variant that they suggested I get checked out, and that was an ‘eccentric bulge of the cecum’ (this means that it is like a ball caved in on itself). It was recommended that I have a pelvic ultrasound (no radiation) or a cat scan (radiation). We receive constant bombardments of radiation and dirty electricity daily so I opted for the pelvic ultrasound. The results of the pelvic ultrasound had a positive finding in western medicine and thus they went immediately into ‘alarmist mode’- the endometrial lining was thickened and greater than the accepted norm of western medicine, normal for postmenopausal women is 1-5mm, mine was 7mm. Mind you- I had no symptoms. I was explained nothing of the procedure or the cost, both of which held surprises. They refused to show me my ultrasound and told me I had to speak with my doctor. I ignored them and requested a copy of the report.

In short from that moment on to the writing of this article (approximately 7 month) the following things occurred:

–      My obgyn of years joined in the alarmist mode and urgency and gave me the option of biopsy which he said needed to be performed under anesthesia or wait see and do another ultrasound in 6 months.

–      I did not like that choice and sought out a second opinion. That obgyn because she was not familiar with my history even though she had all my records with her felt I needed to a biopsy to be sure. She tried it at that time but had to abort because even before she started she felt the opening to the uterus was too closed. Yet, she tried the procedure. It was concluded that a biopsy under anesthesia was the way to go. She did not offer as an option at that time an ultrasound in 6 months.

–      I decided I wanted to do the biopsy and let the doctor who could perform it on its earliest date be the doctor to perform the procedure. The second opinion obgyn was able to do that earlier.

–      I had the procedure done and all went well, I ask for a lighter anesthetic that held minimal side effects, my goal was to minimize memory loss. The doctor expressed that it took longer than she expected because of the closed opening to the uterus but said she felt she got ample tissue samples.

–      The pathologist report said there was not enough tissue samples to determine if there was an issue. His recommendation was to repeat the biopsy.

–      The performing obgyn overstated that she felt she got enough of a sample, after all she has done this for many years. She decided to confer with an oncologist (cancer specialist) who she claims told her to repeat the ultrasound in 4 months from biopsy to see if there is any change.

–      We did just that… for all intent and purpose the ultrasound was unchanged. The lining was not greater and you must keep in mind that I have had no symptoms… none. I was at square one and feeling very frustrated. Her recommendations were the following:

-first, do nothing. She said “you can do nothing, you were going your merry way with no symptoms”. This was true and held some merit, but that voice in my head said- no, you need to know.

-second, have a hysterectomy which she noted is rather drastic even by her standards. My choice was no even on the table of options for me.

-third, see an oncologist for their opinion. I called one and that was like opening a can of worms… You must remember they need you to fit in a box or they will find you a box to fit into! Another, no go.

-fourth, follow up with regular ultrasounds. If you are always looking, you will find. This wait and see was not an option.

-fifth, repeat the surgical biopsy. I like to note this was my suggestion and it was the also the suggestion of the pathologist. I decide that this option was the correct one. I decided to have my obgyn of years do it. I lost confidence in the other obgyn who refused to believe she got enough tissue… in the same breath admitted she was in a hurry. This is scheduled for the near future. Keep your fingers crossed.


In the sick model of medicine- as just described above, the only time anyone bothered to look at the cause of the problem is when I took it into ‘my’ own hands and searched out reason and rhymes. I was never at the prompting of any Md’s involved in this story or should I say saga, encouraged to seek other possibilities. Persistence is one of my virtues- if there is a will, there is a way. I ask many questions (who-what-when-where-why-how), I listen for the in between the line answers and I approach each and every situation with apprehension. I want to know the good, bad and the ugly. If I do not understand something said- I ask for a reframing until- I do understand. I seek knowledge bases solutions and only listen to those who have my best interest at heart… me included! That means everything said to me regarding my health and treatment of any condition need to be crystal clear and in English so I can make decisions based on accurate information. It is my right to have and achieve optimum health- and it is yours also. It amazes me still in this day and time when western medicine is touting psychoneuroimmunology therapy (mind-body medicine) why they choose not to look at and/or implement safe LifeStyle Health-Wellness Strategies for Alternative and Integrative Medicine Solutions, smart medicine. It makes me curious as to what is their real fear is in really embracing or truly understanding on a physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual realm other possibilities.

I hope my story inspires you towards your greatest health so you do not get caught up in the medical catch-22 and get the answers you need health when you do not have the answers and strategies you need to protect yourself. Do yourself a favor… always- seek the truth and team up with a knowledgeable LifeStyle Health-Wellness Strategist who has your best interest at heart. Thank you- Dr Pat B.


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