Rut: is a fixed or established mode of procedure or course of life, usually DULL or UNPROMISING.

Does this describe you? Are you in a rut? Are you trying to break free of from a routine? What are you willing to do to accomplish new you? Since spring is just around the corner and there is no better time to up muster up to the challenge and dive into and taking control of your life and mastering control. Here are some easy steps if you want to be all you can be.

Step ONE: Mindset… What You Think You Become!

If you thought processes are not up to par and supporting you, a change of your mindset is in order. It is the glass half empty, glass half full. It is all in your prospective. If you cannot commit to your own excellence, then starting at basics is the perfect place. It may make you redefined what your comfort zone really is and is not. Growth accompanies challenges and how one reacts to a situation is a choice. The primal instinct is fight or flight… with practice we learn how to respond in thoughtful ways and from a core center. So, by choosing how you view life is the first step to getting out of a rut.

Step TWO: Fitness- If You Do Not Move, You Are Going To Die!

True or true? What you think manifest into your body. Therefore, be careful what you think, the mind-body connection has been proven. Your body is a sanctuary and manifests your body- look at obesity for instance and chronic diseases. You have got to move… exercise is huge contributor in how healthy you are or are not, the challenge is make exercise fun so you benefit from it positive results for you and your life. 3 times per week minimum 4 is better for optimal results. Do something- go and look at your local fitness clubs and be there at a time you know you can spend working out, ideally 30-45 minutes is a good goal. Many have qualified trainers who can direct you to the perfect work out for you and get you motivated. There are all sort of exercise you can participate with such a yoga, Pilates, weight training, aerobic classes to spin class. You can meet other people who are doing the same thing and perhaps partner up to work out together which is a lot more fun than doing it solo. Some gyms (most) let you try there facility for free for the first few times.

Step THREE: Try New Possibilities!

Have you ever wanted to learn how to set up a blog, ”fly fishing”, rock climbing, tennis or golf? What moves you? What you do you with your free time? If you said sleeping, that is not acceptable. Look on line for hobbies that interest you and find other people who have similar interest and see what groups there is that have organized functions. It is a great way to meet people with similar interest. Antiques are another example.

Step FOUR: Take Charge of the Clock!

Create a new routine. I read every morning for knowledge when I awake for 30 minutes, but first I hydrate and drink water. Changing your routine and getting up earlier and watch how more productive your day is going to be. Take the time you need for you that is not consumed by those around you. Answer and read emails late in the day… read an email in the morning and you just gave away your precious time to be productive. Taking time for yourself if healthy and keeps you sane. Set aside each day- I time.

Step FIVE: Be positive, Say YES and Think Yes often- YES!

Yes is more positive than no, true or true? Watch the Jim Carrey movie ”Yes, Man”. It is based directly on this principle. Saying yes will transform your world. Think of all the opportunities waiting out there, people, places and adventure. The movie says it all- watch it!

There are times to say no- and it relates to if there would be an issue with one’s personal safety. The acronym for FEAR is, False Experiences Appearing Real! Think about what that means and how it applies in your life. I do not want to wake up and say- “Gosh, I had this great opportunity to do whatever and I passed because saying NO was easier and kept me in my comfort zone”.

Step SIX: Offer Your Time and Help Others Less Fortunate Than You!

There are numerous ways to volunteer you… it can even showing random acts of kindness, donating time, expertise, your company or energy to fostering, mentoring others. This is a great way to feel like you are contributing to the common good. If you need ideas- look on line for local needs and what your passion really is… for instance if you love animals, you can always help out a shelter or foster an animal. If children are your thing, every large city has so many kids in need like Big Brother, Big Sister and even at Children’s Hospitals. Spread the love.

Above are some simple steps you can incorporate right now… but first, we need to invest in our self. If you cannot nurture yourself, you will not be able to nurture anyone else. As NIKE says- “JUST DO IT”.

Thank you.

Dr Pat B