Recent research has identified specific symptoms coupled with decreased testosterone level can contribute to the diagnosis of “male menopause” other wise known as “hypogonadism” and seen to occur when men age.

Every woman experiences menopause (a significant decline of estrogen) as they age, but interesting enough, only a small number of aging men have male menopause.

The study appears in the June 17 issue of The New England Journal of Medicine which revealed that about only 2 percent of elderly men enrolled in the ”European” Male Aging Study may have male menopause. The study participants include more than 3,300 men between the ages 40 and 79.

According to WebMD:

“[The researchers] identified three key symptoms related to sexual health that were associated with a decreased testosterone level and contributing to a male menopause diagnosis — erectile dysfunction, reduced sex drive, and decreased frequency of morning erection. Six non-sexual symptoms were also identified … difficulty in engaging in vigorous physical activity, inability to walk one kilometer, and inability to bend or stoop … low energy, feeling sad, and fatigue.”