Type 2 diabetes: 1 in 9 adults

Heart disease: 1 in 3 adults

Overweight/obesity: 3 in 5 adults

High blood pressure:1 in 3 adults

Elevated cholesterol: 1 in 6 adults

Metabolic syndrome 1 in 3 adults

The above stats on chronic health condition are staggering. 1 in 3 adults have Heart disease and/or High Blood Pressure, that should shock you. It does, right?

Look around right now and count how many people you you know who have been diagnosed or have a family history of the listed diseases! How many did you count? No need to be a statistic. You can do something right now to take control of your wellness and life. You do not have to ‘get’ these diseases, you can find a qualified LifeStyle Medicine Strategist who can show you solutions that have the ability to reduce, eliminate or prevent the expression of them. Do it now… I would love to help you.

Dr Pat