The BIG 4 Nightshades:


Who doesn’t love these foods? They are basics in any kitchen, but they can also be your Achilles Tendon too.

Nightshades are flowering eatable plants whose origin is unclear, mystical and hearsay has it, and were used as narcotics and hallucinogens. You might recognize them as annuals and perennials herbs/vines, shrubs/trees: and include agricultural crops, medicinal plants, spices, weeds, and ornamentals. 

Nightshades are thought to be good for you because they’re nutrient-rich in Vitamin A and C, lycopene (anti-cancer/heart-wise), high in fiber, and water-producing, thus good for the gut.

Unfortunately, that is not always the case. Not everyone reacts well to nightshades. What happens is these plants, like humans, have an ingrained self-defense system that protects them from invaders that disrupt cell membranes. These compounds react the same in humans. They can be rather toxic, aggravate chronic ailments, and induce prolonged inflammation and unwanted symptoms in some.

Pay attention to when you eat your food and how you feel afterward. Whether you have a chronic disease or not, if you have any symptoms, do not dismiss it. Things like symptoms worsening, bloat, fatigue, pain, and thirst… can be a reaction to your foods. Food reactions can be immediately or weeks after you eat. The only way to know is if you test for what foods are causing you problems with your immune system. In order to find a baseline, you must track your food and how you feel after you’ve eaten. Look for patterns and culprits.

I can help you make sense of what your next steps should be. I would love to help you. The gut is one of the easiest organs to improve its function.

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