Can you guess the no.1 best selling med in 2001? I will spare you the pain and just tell you, Prilosec. Today you can see adverts all over to include the internet, TV and magazines for it sister drug- Nexium aka- ‘The PURPLE PILL’. What do they have in common? They are proton pump inhibitor (PPI).

PPI’s function is to stop the protein in the stomach that ‘pumps’ hydrogen ions (H+) and coverts them into gastric juice. PPI’s increase the PH of the stomach so it is more alkaline, hence the PPI’s significantly reduced the acidity.

Prilosec history is the usual seen in pharmaceuticals. Once its patent ran out- a generic product is introduced. In this instance- Nexium. Nexium was well received, in fact there is evidence that the FDA approved Nexium because it was alleged to be more superior to Prilosec. But… the ‘truth’ of the matter is they are exact same molecule configuration (Nexium = Prilosec).

Prilosec and Nexium are mirror pairs. So, what is mirror pairing? Chemically speaking, it is when two identical compounds but one has a different chirality- handedness. Chirality is derived from the Greek language and means hand. Yes, this means that the molecules that make up Prilosec and Nexium are the exactly the same organic molecules, but different handedness (organic compounds come in mirror pairs- the active ingredient and the other an inert ingredient). Inert ingredients absolutely have no effect whatsoever.

The ingredient that is ‘active’ in Nexium and Prilosec is exactly the same ingredient… omeprazole. In the over the counter version… up to 7-8 times less expensive. I just read that a company called AstraZeneca (makes Nexium/prilosec) figured out how to titrate out the active ingredient from- omeprazole. That means doctor who is scripting for his patients Nexium is missing a base and financial point since there is no reason financially to use it- point.

PPI’s are a problem for a person’s overall long term health. Here is where you really need to pay attention. You need acid to digest foods. Acid aid in the absorption of nutrients and kill the bad parasite we ingest. Stopping the pain associated with Reflux is a short lived kindness for someone ailing from this condition.

PPI’s are like Thanksgiving dinner for everyday parasites- and fosters them to cause damage. It has been noted a increase of 30% of pneumonia when this drug is scripted for in hospital patients.  Don’t you hear all the time the cause of death in hospital as being a complication of… pneumonia???

Macro-Nutrients are also depleted, such as,  magnesium which when hits a critical level cannot be rebalanced with oral administration of the nutrient. What are some of the diseases associated with manganese deficiency, evidence based: Alzheimer’s, Osteoporosis, High Blood Pressure, High Cholesterol, Diabetes, Arrhythmias (atria fibrillation), Chronic Back Spasm that can mimic ruptured disk, Depression, Seizures and more.

For all of you out there who are sensitive to Yeast the neutralizing of the stomach acid by these PPI’s allows Candida to flourish. Candida has the propensity to target ultimately the thyroid gland and the heart and H.pylori a bacterial overgrowth that contribute the heart disease and myocardial infarcts (heart attacks). In some instances PPI’s reverse the effects of drugs like Plavix which prevent unwanted clotting of the blood. The FDA has warned of yeast ago, but some doctors still prescribe these together and thus… accelerates the possibility of having a heart attack. An alternative to PPI’s is D-Limonene… which is well documented supplement that has been found to be very useful.

The purpose is in any patient is to identify the ROOT causes of disease(s). It is the same for someone having Acid Reflux… you need to find the base cause(s) and treat accordingly. Functional Medicine is the choice avenue to help people maintain and regain their health and wellness.


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Source: Grasanti: Nexium Prilosec Epiphany,,2013