CHRONIC DISEASES. . . In this country have soared in recent years, especially diseases like Diabetes and Cardiovascular Disease (CVD). These 2 are the primary health issues in the USA and the leading cause of DEATH and Disability.

Most Chronic Diseases are linked to POOR LifeStyle that includes Poor Nutrition/Diet, Physical Inactivity, and use of tobacco. The National Clinical Guidelines recommends Therapeutic LifeStyle changes and termed Lifestyle Medicine. LifeStyle Medicine is structured in it approach, multifaceted in its intervention and treatment and actually, PREVENTS chronic disease in the first place.

LifeStyle Medicine addresses many of the Chronic Disease that comprises 78% of the current annual healthcare expenditures. These would include disease such as: Obesity (BMI>/= 25), CVD, Elevated Total Cholesterol, Elevated LDL, Low HDL, Elevated Blood Pressure, Metabolic Syndrome, Pre-diabetes, Diabetes, Arthritis, Menopause Osteoporosis/low bone mass.

In fact it is recommended that you seek a LifeStyle Medicine Strategist to help resolve, eliminate or lessen the expression of these diseases. Who recommends this… the National Institute of Heath (NIH).

Fact: 7.5 million DIE to high blood pressure (BP) 5.1 million DIE to tobacco use 3.4 million DIE to high blood glucose 2.8 million DIE to OBESITY] 2.6 million DIE to High Cholesterol

So, what is the underlying cause of these health related deaths?  Deaths that are purport to be 7 out of 10 Deaths.  Surely, OBESITY is the biggest contributors that are the base for the others as the Center for Disease Control notes. Marks, MD, PHD… Says the following “ I see so much of the force behind the increases in the obesity trend, which is not something that can be corrected by today’s health care or public health system. It is more about how we eat and the choices that we have.”

What your choice? Follow the flow or lead?

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