SCARED ABOUT YOUR HEALTH, YOU SHOULD BE…  it is your 1st line of defense.

Talk these days centers around … BOOSTING YOUR IMMUNITY.

Before you do anything… back to basics- FIRST DEFINE HEALTH

In this day and time and as always, those who had strong immune systems adapted and survived… I am probably not going to be too popular by saying this, but your health, your immune system is your trump card to surviving any outbreak, epidemic, or otherwise. To be more direct, not knowing where your health is and leaving your health in others’ hands, to chance- is just NOT smart.

When you take that ultimate vacation,  you research it out, make plans, and hire a guide, especially if you do not speak a language and you pack accordingly. You leave nothing to chance. Some people take more time for their vacation planning than they do for their health. Rather shocking, isn’t it?

Many people when asked what makes them healthy tell me inevitably these 3 things:

  3. SLEEP


In reality, these 3 things have nothing to do with your health and that is why so many people are sick and don’t know it. How do I know this…?  Let’s say for example that I cut my hand and put a Band-Aid on it. If indeed those 3 things are correct, then all I would have to do is for Nutrition-> eat a sandwich. Exercise-> jump on a treadmill, and Sleep-> take a Nap and the cut is going to be healed immediately. That is not how it works, but that is what you have been brainwashed and told health is. The truth of the matter is the body is not functioning at 100%- especially IF- I were a hemophiliac. You would have bled out.

“WHO, “ THE WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION, said HEALTH is a state of optimal physical, mental, and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmities. WHO came under attack in the 1980”s for being too vague for this definition, so they added this verbiage then… HEALTH IS ALSO the extent to which an individual or group is able to realize aspirations and satisfy needs and change or cope with the Environment. Health is a resource for everyday life, not the objective of living; it is a positive concept, emphasizing social and personal resources, as well as physical capacities.”  Although better, it still was not taking into account ‘the whole person.’

In the 5 pillars of health, you must look at:

  1. Diet/nutrition
  2. Exercise
  3. Rest/sleep
  4. Mindset and…
  5. Structure/function.

The NIH clearly defined looking at LIFESTYLE as a key component. They said as the emerging branches of medicine Functional and Lifestyle medicine emerge that poor lifestyle choices were causatively and directly related to the incidence of the growing epidemic of chronic illness and disease.

In Time Magazine, February 2004… they made a “surprising” discovery, but have never done anything about finding or doing anything about the common link between all disease processes… INFLAMMATION. They have not made any strides whatsoever or made sense of the challenges or the confusion by simplifying or offering a better way to a solution to get unstuck and move forward, or has measurable results. They failed you.

That is why I made this my mission… to educate and simplify by showing a better route to health, that is quicker, gets you unstuck, and keeps moving you forward. Confusion and fear paralyze people from taking ANY action.

When I titled my book which became a Best-Seller: “WHY … Are You Sick, Fat & Tired?” I did so with the following in mind…

You know if you are TIRED, RIGHT?? And, you know if you are FAT, just look in the mirror or take a body composition test, BUT- you do not always know if you are SICK.

I am not talking about your head in the toilet… sick.  The sick I am speaking to takes time to manifest and many times it festers below the surface for years or when you are in crisis it surfaces. Denial is not pretty, and in this case, can lead to an early untimely- death. Ever hear people say, he/she died before this time…. there is a direct connection.

Ever hear of pocket expenses? Did you know the average cost direct/indirect people pay for their diseases is staggering… with many waiting until “something is wrong” and being diagnosed as opposed to being proactive when it is cost-effective, and thus more than likely experiencing better outcomes. Well, that cost…. Heart Disease: 9K, Alzheimer’s: 47K, Diabetes: 19K… (source: the McMillian report).

Comes on people— this is a waste of your precious asset, health, time, energy, and money.  It is making you miss those special moments in your life and robbing you of intimacy with those who matter the most to you, a huge truth. This is like having a leak in a tire, and you keep getting more air than fixing the tire… and then have a blowout on the expressway and die.

This method of doing something about your health – MAKES NO SENSE and it is costly. In many cases traditional Western medicine just does not know what to make of what is going on unless you are in a crisis, they cannot put their finger on it precisely. It is a “guess.”

So many times I hear the symptoms, but your doctor writes it off to your age, and sex, and or tells you we are going to keep an eye on it. They cannot diagnose you until your TIRE IS FLAT.  When your doctor does not take an adequate SYSTEMS REVIEW, they could be missing the boat on your current health. Thus, you are making constantly making new normals, you do not want, and months and years go by… then they give you the bad news. I hope you do not have a doctor like that.

It is sad and makes me angry when I look around and see volumes of people who haven’t done a thing to take care of themselves or rely on sources- including our very own government, who seem to change their minds regularly and cannot agree with each other like the WHO and the CDC, in this instance on mask-wearing in these ‘special’ times.

What I know about immunity and you do not have it, is when the CRAP hits the fan you have to GO BACK TO BASICS.  I believe we should and every doctor should always be supporting Health, and our Immune Systems.

If you have a WEAK HEALTH LINK in some organ system, then it is going to tax another. It is brilliantly explained in WHY… Are You Sick, Fat & Tired? It is eventually going to make your life miserable… and those around you. Sorry…  Think of a SWISS WATCH. ALL parts have to work 100% or it eventually breaks. Your body is the same… the brain controls and coordinates all functions… fact.

They say your best investment is yourself… all aspects of YOU- MIND, BODY, and SOUL.

Let “WHY… You Are Sick, Fat & Tired?” be your guide for charting and making sense of your health in a simpler, better way that is faster and gets to the crux of your problem, whether expressed or not, that is faster, and with measurable results….

It is yours for the taking.

Knowing where to start your health journey and support your immune system, is priceless.

The solutions are easy…

  • 1st, find out where your weakest link is in your health.
  • Then, fortify that weakest health link.

Get your copy of “WHY… Are You Sick, Fat & Tired?” and discover where to prioritize and focus now!                                                               


Don’t guess, test. Knowledge is powerful…

Much love to you and yours.

Dr. Pat




  6. EAT CLEAN, DRINK CLEAN, THINK CLEAN (get a handle on your thoughts)