I love “wheatgrass”, how about you? 

#superfoods promote good health. This superfood does that by supporting digestion and maintaining essential alkalinity.
Don’t be fooled by its name, it’s  #glutenfree and
without chemicals, and toxins found in many multivitamins- which frankly ends up in the ‘can’ anyway,

Wheat Grass is a jammed-packed nutrient-dense whole food. When juiced (the shoots) it boasts an abundance of Vitamins A, E, and B-complex, amino acids (8 essential), a multitude of minerals, and trace minerals (calcium, sodium, phosphorous, potassium, magnesium, iron, and zinc.) It’s chlorophyll-rich which is so vital to enriching red blood cells and the transport of oxygen. It also aids in the digestion of protein,
fats and carbohydrates, as well as elimination.

P4D1 is a special component in the matrix of this plant that contributes to making this a ”super-food.”

What the heck is P4D1?
It’s a protein and superoxide dismutase (SOD/anti-ox enzyme) that diminishes cell corrosion and mutation. It also aids in regenerating RNA/DNA damage from electromagnetic radiation from exposure to computers, mobiles, and other environmental pollutants.

Why– love it:
1.   Reduces inflammation because of the P4D1 in the gut and associated organ system issues and oral problems.
2.   Anti-cancer because P4D1 makes the cancer cells more porous so the white blood cell can attack and eliminate these cells.
3.   Improves oral health. Just rinsing your mouth with the juice, kills bacteria that cause gingivitis and bad breath.

Where to get it? Fresh is always better than freeze-dried. Grow your own. It’s super easy to grow (usually in 1.5 weeks) and juice.

You can juice enough in 30-mins to last you up to 2- weeks. Just pour the juice into ice cube trays while you are recycling the trays and reeking benefits. Easy, right?

Consuming is easy; just put a cube in water or a beverage of choice.

Seriously, I don’t have a green thumb and I did it;-)

Invest in yourself and in rituals that benefit, and last a lifetime.

Chin, Chin!
#askdrpat #dontforgetyourhealth