Adding these foods to your diet can have beneficial outcomes for your health… and are especially important in times of crisis!

  1. CITRUS FRITS- high in vitamin C. Over-the-counter is a better way to get higher doses. The average orange is only about 70mg… the RDA says, 100mg but, keep in mind that this is only to prevent scurvy. Doses in crisis can exceed 2000mg.
  2. RED BELL PEPPER- also high in vitamin C. Red peppers are mature green peppers. They are also a good source of Beta Carotene.
  3. BROCCOLI- a wonder vegetable, loaded with vitamins A, C, and E.
  4. GARLIC- culturally used globally in every cuisine. It helps fight infections, in and outside the body and can reduce blood pressure.
  5. SPINACH- another vitamin-C source similar to broccoli. Don’t overcook and it is better if slightly cooked.
  6. GINGER- calms the fetus, and stomach. it is said in Chinese Medicine that it is a pain reliever, and better if raw.
  7. YOGURT- eat only ‘live cultures’. Plain over any with fruit. It may offer to be a source of vitamin D.
  8. ALMONDS- source with vitamin E and spares vitamin C, and is a healthy fat.
  9. TUMERIC- a bitter spice, and fights inflammations.
  10. GREEN TEA- green and black tea is full of antioxidants and amino acids that enhance the immune system.
  11. PAPAYA- another good source of vitamin C and digestive enzymes that are known as anti-inflammatory as well as vitamin B.
  12. KIWI- another similar to papayas. Vitamin-C, and K.
  13. POULTRY- think chicken soup that is high in vitamin B6, forming new blood, and aids in healing the gut.
  14. SUNFLOWER SEEDS- think vitamin B6, E which is important in regulating immune system function. Avocados and dark leafy vegetables are in this category.
  15. SHELLFISH- have Zinc. Sources are crab, clams, lobster, and mussels. RDA- men/11mg, and women/8mg. Remember, RDA is based on normals, in crises, you need more.
  16. HYDRATION- water, especially filtered water is essential.

Eating from the get-go correctly ups your game, defers “bugs” and can help you if you get the ‘bug’, recover quicker.

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Be well, Stay safe…

Muck Love to You and Yours.

Dr. Pat