How bad could Canola Oil be, after all, they said it was safe?

If you use Canola Oil or eat out in a restaurant, then read on. . .

I do not know anyone who does not want to eat right, drink right, and get the right kind of exercise… you know, be healthy. Unfortunately, it seems that you have only been fed bogus information and data on the goodness of Canola Oil. You should be angry, I am.

So what is wrong with CANOLA OIL anyway…?

Many people use for cooking, it is added to butter, used in place of butter, it is in mayonnaise, salad dressing, baked goods, and other processed foods.  It is in numerous fast foods, and in a matter of fact, many big fast food chains shout in advertising that they use an alternative to saturated fats and now use “canola oil”.

Personally, I do not eat anything with canola oil… no way, no chance. You should not either.

For the many people that remain to still have high levels of trans-fats in their blood work, even though they claim, not a drop of trans-fats cross their lips….I would highly suggest you look at the foods you are eating and the labels that accompany that food. Why? Because the bottom line, numbers do not lie, and I would highly suspect that the labels on your foods you eat have the culprit- Canola Oil in them. If so, the trash is the most appropriate place for those foods.

Canola Oil FACTS

–It’s advertised and postured it is better than and healthier than Soy, Cottonseed, Safflower and Corn Oil, but it is NOT.

–it is Genetic Engineered, a big red flag. Ever see a canola plant or seed? No, right?

–biochemically, canola oil has higher levels of trans-fatty acids. Higher than soybean and other toxic oils out there.

—-it has higher levels of Omega-3 oils which promotes a long shelf life to prevent the oil from turning rancid cooking at high heat.  This is achieved by intense hydrogenation. This means that hydrogen atoms are blasted into the oil which makes it at least 40% Trans-Fatty Acids.


Frequent Consumption of Canola Oil:

  1. Deplete Vitamin E (impacts chronic disease like heart disease, diabetes, Alzheimer’s, and cancer.)
  2. Increases cell wall rigidity (a significant aging factor/diabetes).
  3. Potential injuries to the heart–  induces fibrotic reaction as well as diminishes Vitamin E (essential to combat inflammation).
  4. Human studies showed Increases incidence of lung cancer and heart damage.
  5. Shortens lifespan in animal studies, and lowered platelet count while increasing the size of the platelet.
  6. Canola oil raised Triglycerides by 47%, mindboggling.


The official journal of the United States is the Federal Register. In 1985, it was recorded in that journal that the FDA outlawed canola oil in infant formulas because, canola oil- retards growth.

I am gob-smacked that for over 25 years “they” knew it was real bad for babies and NOW they say it okay for everyone else. Suddenly- really? Where is the logic in this? There is NONE.

Getting the truth out sometimes is quite complex when looking at the complexity of the politics within the food industry, the strong lobbies and the suppression of data from being exposed, many times at a later date, especially when they know it is harmful.

It seems even the regulatory agencies have also been bamboozled and/or have not done their research. Have they been misled to think canola is the answer for the cure?  I would bet that no one wants to wager or bet their political careers on changing the oil lobby and have them admit or fix this deadly error. I doubt if it will happen at all. In this regard, if history repeats itself and just how slow things go,  think- how long it took to expose the just the dangers of trans-fats in the first place.

These guys, “the authorities”, have even ignored Harvard School of Public Health who reported in as early 1990’s, that there is NO SAFE level of Trans-Fats.

This is shocking to me and should be to you also.

Despite the enormous proof of the dangers of trans-fats reported over 2. 5 decades ago, the FDA still allowed the food industry to put on their labels,  ‘NO TRANS FATS’ as long as there was less than 500 mg of trans-fats (1/2 cup)/serving. They ignored the Harvard researchers ‘NO Safe Level’ warning. Trans-fats in your body overwhelmingly change the structure of the cell walls in a negative way that is why it was outlawed in 1985 for use in some foods.

The problem is many people believe what they are told and see in adverts as the truth. Unfortunately, they don’t do the research because if they did, they would know they are being duped.

If you do not get anything out of this article, walk away with knowing that- you do not want to ever eat ANY food with canola oil or hydrogenated oils like soy, cottonseed, safflower and or corn oil- period

Instead, use, good oils like butter, coconut oil, grapeseed, or olive oil that is cold pressed, unfiltered, and extra virgin. These oils are the best for cooking and for salad dressing. Best oils are stored in dark glass bottles; do not buy oils in plastic containers which add to the problem.

In the end, it is your choice. I share this information with you so you can live longer, better and healthier; make more informed better buying decision for you and your families.

If you have any questions, reach out to me… 


reference: Dr Ron Granssanti/Functional Medicine University