Comments: Simply said… Functional Medicine is all about you… you are the center and your unique story is what matters. You do not have to suffer needlessly, told that is normal for your age and be apart of the paradigm of the Sick Model of Medicine where symptoms are treated as causes and you are left on your own to figure it out. That is frustrating medicine. In the Continuum of Illness to Wellness there exist a Neutral Point… were there is no discernible illness and/or perhaps wellness. That is what many people think health is… but it is not the absence of signs/symptoms, disability or the early-expression of the end result of this paradigm called DEATH. If you want to experience a high level of Wellness you first embrace is Awareness and Education, then   Implement proven strategies to get you to your optimum health.  I can do that for you (we are a team) by mentoring and coaching you for ‘your’ success- I am your LifeStyle Health-Wellness Strategist. I am offering for the next 30 days, 30 minutes a FREE secession to see if Functional Medicine approach is for you… go to my contact page, contact me NOW, it could save your life or leave a message Thank you.