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It is so easy to get derailed these days and put ‘yourself and  Self-Care on the back burner, only promising that tomorrow is going to be the day you start, perhaps yet again- to “take better care of yourself”, SELF-CARE.

We know the drill we receive on an airplane to put the oxygen mask on ourselves 1sts! 

It is paramount we do the same every day or, else… you pay the price.  We all say that our health is important, yet for many they are slack. So- why do we keep thinking manana? Especially for women, if you are a man, you saw your mother do this regularly, and as women, we all relate to this. Too many of my friends have neglected their health only to acquire “something”, a  challenge that will age you faster, and or kill you, like Cancer.

SELF-CARE is chic always. It is in vogue…  and I hope you optimize it your entire life.

1. Take a day off from your SOCIAL.

Even God took a day to rest… Unless you are running a business, which you can delegate Social Media projects to, there is no need to be on it for hours. Block time here… and stick to that time. An hour a day is more than enough for most people. The upside to this is, you are more present when you are with people whether work-related or family. No- cell phones at the dinner table so you can enjoy being together and- talking.

2. Schedule time for YOU.

Yes, do whatever it takes. Schedule it in… 10-15 minutes. Journal, meditate, dance, diffuse essential oils… or just sit in your favorite chair and close your eyes and shut off electric devices- DAILY. Couple this with a cup of your favorite tea.

3. Heat is magic. Stay cozy and pain-free with heat therapy

Heat makes you feel calm and is relaxing. Taking care of your physical health is important especially if your list of who else you have under your umbrella is long (family, friends, parents, dog/cat). There are many devices that can target areas of concern like heat wraps or heating pads that are helpful for superficial aches, and stiffness, and may improve tissue repair. Find what works best for you, soothe your spirit, and add to your peace of mind.

4. Sleep is the 3rd Pillar of Health.

A good night’s sleep is essential for long-lasting health and well-being. It should be a priority. It does everything from improving alertness, emotions, digestion, and a positive mental attitude. Get regular sleep, you cannot make it up if you lack it. If need be, hunkering down even 30 minutes earlier can make a huge impact on how productive you are the next day. Avoid using any electronic device 30 minutes before you head to bed such as TVs, Cell and Computers.


5. Goal set with mindfulness and what is really doable.

We all make New Year’s resolutions.. and it is estimated that by mid-February a majority of people have already ditched or adjusted those resolutions/goals. Why? Many people make goals that are not achievable and fail to reach them.

Taking time to craft goals that are chunked out to meet immediate needs is better attainable. What is it you really want to focus on and take the time to schedule that is attainable? Attainable so you do not feel like you are punishing yourself. Then when hitting these, you can celebrate to reward yourself whether it is a massage, mini-holiday, or a special outing to your fav restaurant.

Really, it matters not what time of year, SELF-CARE is always in. If you see some who are neglecting themselves, especially women, please- use your voice and speak up. It is the biggest gift you can give to someone, space and time to take care of themselves to recharge, reboot and energize. When we heal ourselves, we heal those before us, heal our parents, and our daughters, and heal our communities.

Self-care is IN!

Much Love,

Dr. Pat

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