Since a 1/3rd of your life is spent, yes- 230,000 hours worth sleeping how you sleep, your position either adds to a good night’s sleep or depletes it.

Getting into that perfect position that results in a restful waking up refreshed state, is like finding a needle in the haystack; whether it be on your side or back. It determines if you toss or turn, snore or not, or wake up with aches and a crick.

Structure if function. One’s body posture whilst sleeping profoundly impacts outcomes like clarity, coping, and cognitive demands on your health. That is if you can get it ‘straight’! Discovering the right position for you, and having support, is paramount.

Knowing what works for you when If you struggle to fall asleep, can be unique. Finding what works for you, is a blessing. We all have that friend who lays down and is out for the count.

Try these first before you go out and buy a new bed, or “get a new spouse” – joking 😉


1. A pillow that is too big, soft, small, and/or hard can cause pain and toss and turn.

2. When turning in bed, twisting is a ‘no-no’. Move your body as one unit. If you have a headboard, use it for this maneuver to pivot.

3. When you lay on your side, your spine should be parallel to the bed. When you’re lying on your back, the mattress should come up and meet it in the small of your back. If it doesn’t, place a pillow under your body for extra support. Putting a pillow in between your legs to take pressure off your back.

4. Mattresses are expensive, and only last about 9 – 10 yrs! Honest no matter what the guarantee said.

5. Chiropractors are biomechanical experts, your go-to doctors for structure and function. The first trauma to the spine happens at birth. It is estimated that 9 out of 10 people incurred spinal trauma at birth in the neck region.

Learning better posture for sleeping can be done. Remember- practice makes permanent.
Need help, reach out. Know that if you do not sleep well, there may be other reasons why that is happening. Get to the root cause and enjoy peaceful sleep again.

Pleasant Dreams.

Dr. Pat