1 out of 2 people in America today give up their life to Cardiovascular Disease. Certainly looking to medicine for preventing cardiovascular disease like heart attacks and strokes is a no brainer.

Many blame high cholesterol, but that is not the culprit we make it out to be. In fact, if you are told this, you are being misled.

The REAL Clinical Factors for HIGH-RISK Cardiovascular Disease and Stroke are:

1.     Cardiac Arrhythmia (includes atrial fibrillation, interruption of the heart’s normal rhythm)

2.     Elevated Triglycerides (especially elevated ratio of Triglycerides: HDL cholesterol. Triglycerides are directly related to plaque/hardening of the arteries)

3.     Elevated Homocysteine. (a study show men with high homocysteine levels were 3X’s more likely to have hardening of the arteries)

4.     Elevated Insulin

5.     Elevated Cortisol (high cortisol levels and high blood pressure go hand and hand. People with high blood pressure have high cortisol levels)

6.     Elevated Estrogen (in relation to progesterone levels)

7.     Low Testosterone- men (men with high levels of testosterone offers approximately 5X’s more protection for the prevention of heart disease)

8.     High Testosterone- women

9.     High Lipid Peroxide (lipid peroxide is the end result of oxygen free radicals damage done to the cell membrane and, associated with Cancer, Heart Disease, Stroke, and Aging)

10.  Elevated CRP: C-reactive Protein (CRP is a biomarker for inflammatory cytokines. Studies have shown men with high CRP have 3X’s as many heart attacks and 2X’s as many strokes vs the general population.

11.  Other risk factors include inadequate: Magnesium, Fatty Acid and the Fractionating of Fats

How Do You Manage Your Risk Factors?

GOOD NEWS… if you have an imbalance that has shown up in a heart evaluation, it may be able to be remedied in as little as 2 to 6 weeks. I have witnessed high blood pressure with other risk factors return back to normal within the above time frame. Of course, results would vary from person to person depending on the complexity and compliance to lifestyle changes.

If you or someone you know needs my help, ASK. I can also help find a qualified functional medicine doctor in your area.