Trending: When one needs to find relief- either mind, body, and soul in today’s world, the product of choice and most sought-after oils is: CBD Oil. CBD oil or Cannabidiol is derived from hemp, loaded with nutrients and therapeutic properties that react favorably with the body’s natural processes.

CBD oil that is distilled directly from the cannabis plant is a natural botanical concentrate and non-psychotropic (doesn’t cause euphoric high common with cannabis). Copaiba essential oil is distilled from a gum resin trapped in the Brazilian Copaifera Reticulata Tree, not hemp. Surprisingly, these two oils are astonishingly quite similar in their properties and actions.

COPAIBA essential oil special ingredient that is shared with CBD oil is ‘Beta-caryophyllene (BCP)… This ingredient is what gives its therapeutic properties and is also good for pain relief.

BCP (beta-caryophyllene) is known for its ability to modulate the body’s response to inflammations, irritation and injury and more.

BCP, amazingly enough, is present in Copaiba averaging 55% and in Cannabis oil, 35%.

Copaiba is readily available and legal in all 50 states…. hmmm. It is cost effective. It does not have to be diluted to use on the skin. It may be aromatically inhaled and the FDA approved it as a food additive in the US, meaning it is safe to consume.

Are you using CBD oil now? I am sure you want the purest and best. So, is your CBD oil ‘seed to seal’ and why is that important? Seed to seal means is that there are rigorous quality control standards that meet the strict specification that is conscientious sourced, science and standards-based: the three pillars to seed to seal, making it a high-quality therapeutic grade. Is it seed to seal? Probably not! How would you know? In most cases, you will never know when buying CBD oil if it has been contaminated, sprayed with toxins for pest/heavy metals, cut with other products, even if it claims it is organic.

That is why I use Copaiba oil over CBD oil not only for my patients/clients but for myself. The source I use for Copaiba oil is Young Living; they are consistent in delivering the purest, seed to seal and highest therapeutic grade oils.

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