We all love heroic tales of overnight success, but expertise is never an accident – Jeff Goins

Perfect Practice Makes Perfect

3 Steps To Practical Peak Performance

1. Master your mindset. What you think you become. Practice deliberate mindset which means anyone can be better if they take the right approach.

2. Practice with intent. Practice(s)may not all be equal. Trying harder sometimes doesn’t end up with better results. If you’re not improving it’s not because you lack the talent, it’s because you’re not practicing the right way. You have to push yourself past what you think it’s possible. If you’re not doing that, your spinning your wheels. Hours and effort.

3. Seek an environment of greatness. Associate with others who challenge you and help you grow. An example are London cab drivers, their brains were measured before they became licensed cab drivers and then after. They found part of the brain responsible for navigation grew significantly over years of intense daily training in the same environment. So if greatness is not in your environment, find the people who challenge you to grow.
Peak: A. Ericsson/M. Hyatt

Everyone has a genius within… I truly believe this. We just need to learn how to tap into that so that it can express itself and shine to be the person you truly are meant to be! The grass is only green where it is watered.