I believe that when you have your health you have a1000 dreams, and when you don’t you only have one.

The foods you eat are either enhancing your health or detracting from it. Food is medicine.

You are not your DNA no matter what you think your family genes are or not. Did you know that you can change how your genes express themselves? They are directly influenced by the foods that you eat and your environment. Years ago, no one knew how to refer to this branch of science… it’s now it is called- ‘epigenetics’.

It is defined as the study of changes in an organism caused by modification of gene expression, rather than alteration of the genetic code itself. It explains so, so much. It means that you have control over your health. Your food choices turn on or off- your vital, essential health. Now, you can come from a place of- knowledge is power.



Do you know there are billions of chemical reactions that happen in your body every second of any day, approx 35+ billion? It is mind-boggling, isn’t it? Your body needs nutrients like vitamins and macro-micro minerals to function. It then needs the right amounts and the right times. All of them are important, and all are interactive with each other via codes. Minerals, for instance, regulate enzyme function so you can break down food and grab its nutrients.

The food that you eat is your source of vitamins and minerals. Eating nutrient-dense is important so your gene responds favorably. If your diet is crappy and loaded with poor-quality foods, ultimately over time it takes its toll. The genes will not get the right coding to do their jobs.

Knowing what I know about me, I avoid some specific foods because they wreak havoc on any health outcomes, and reverse any good others are doing. I have some foods I can eat all of the time, others only at certain times, some are seasonal and some an occasional treat.

Do you eat a lot of processed food, sugary foods, junk food, or indulge in excessive consumption of alcohol, dairy, or coffee? Does it make you feel horrible? How do they make you feel? Tired, bloated, or fat?  These are the foods to watch out for because they untimely are the ones that alter the way your genes function and not in a good way.

3 FOODS: SUGAR, CARBOHYDRATES, and DAIRY (non-grass fed) Then there are flux foods that I need to be aware I do not over-consume.  I like coffee and can tolerate it as long as I know the source and its mold content; and- alcohol, in moderation so these are my ‘flux’ foods.

Here is why these foods affect the quality of your life and health.

SUGAR- any time you see a word on an ingredient list that has an -OL at the end, it is a sugar (alcohol). If you are a baker, you know that there is: cane sugar, high-fructose corn syrup, artificial sweeteners, and many more.

The reason to ‘stop’ eating these is to first recognize they are everywhere. If you look at any processed food label you will find sugar. Sugar has been proven to be very addictive. Next time you have a craving that you cannot put down, think of addiction. I know it sounds rather harsh, but it is a fact. Sugar, when it is not being handled by the body, wreaks havoc and causes glucose spikes in the blood, insulin resistance, weight gain, and diabesity, and is related to many other chronic illnesses. Trust me, sugar is a big problem. If you want to be healthy, you must stop using it.

CARBOHYDRATES- (refined) – These are GMO-grown grain flours, cereals, processed/boxed foods, fruit juice, long-listed ingredient list, and list that you cannot pronounce the names of the ingredients, junk foods, bread, pasta, and rice.

The reason to ‘stop’ eating these is carbohydrates are that “simple” carbohydrates digest too fast, and all carbohydrates turn into sugar. You know why you do not eat sugar, as just mentioned. For sure, they take up space on your plate and psychologically tell you that you’re full, but you are lacking in these quality nutrients. This affects the body because these foods send mixed messages to your genes, much like trying to start a fire on a windy day with only one match. It is not going to happen.


DAIRY- The first thing that comes to mind for dairy is typical pasteurized cow’s milk, pasteurized cheese, processed cheese, yogurt with fruit already inside, and butter.

The reason to ‘stop’ eating these is that these animals are loaded with antibiotics, hormones, growth hormones, inflammation, and chemicals… we now know, some of these substances are carcinogenic. The Dairy Association brainwashed us into believing that the only way we were going to get calcium is to drink gallons of milk. This is not true. You get calcium from dark green leafy vegetables, mackerel, and sardines, sesame seeds (tahini). My favorite of these is dark green leafy vegetables and many times are loaded with more calcium than milk, as well as other vitamins like K and D.


COFFEE/ALCOHOL- FLUX FOODSThese included ALL types of alcohol and coffee. Coffee, depending on how it is stored has a propensity to accumulate molds.

The reason to ‘stop’ consuming them is if you have negative reactions. For me, I drink a cup of coffee a day. I have no problem with it and love a high standard of coffee mold-free. When you have the reaction to coffee with your heart racing, insomnia, and stomach ‘acid’, then more than likely, the coffee was chemically treated. I also no longer have cream in my coffee and opt for ghee or grass-fed butter. Alcohol for me and my lineage needs to compliments the food is eaten. I enjoy a glass of wine with a meal. I never drink and do not eat, and then on those occasions, I eat complementary foods. I limit my alcohol consumption and at times abstain.

When I am feeling really off from overdoing, traveling too much, and/or eating out too often… I always go back to basics. To do that, for me what works the best, is a 10-Day Tonification Program. I have done this for over 30 years and usually do this 3-4 times a year. I swear this has been what kept me on the track of being – very healthy. My immune system is solid. What I do, is that I eat more of the foods that work for me and I remove the foods that don’t, especially the “THREE” in the event they have crept back into my regime on any level.

This is a comprehensive program that is accomplished in 10 days. In fact, anyone can do it. It’s a program that walks you through precisely- what to eat, what foods to buy, and what recipes to do for the whole 10 days along with targeted supplementation designed to get you back into your health groove.

I would love to share this with you and can’t wait If this piques your interest!

Get your Complimentary  Discovery-Strategy Session to learn more, and let’s get better acquainted.

Wishing YOU tremendous health and abundance!

Much love to you and yours,

Dr. Pat