Essential Oils

Essential Oils not only smell good they have been noted to improve your health and outcomes. There are many numerous brands…  So, how do you decide which one to buy? Many essential oils just do not measure up, have impurities and are toxic. It can be confusing, costly picking the wrong brand and possibly detrimental to your health.


1. SEED to SEAL. No other company out there can boast this important factor. It was the key reason why I went with Young Living.

2. Rigorous Testing. There is a huge difference in the quality of Therapeutic Grade and oils that are not. Basically, you are wasting your money if you are using brands that are not TESTED for quality.

“Young Living Essential Oils” not only meet stringent industry standards they also exceed international standards and my standards of never accepting diluted, cut or adulterated oils. They are guaranteed consistent, verifiable quality and are tested in its own internal labs as well as in 3rd party facilities. These testing methods ensure that Young Living Essential Oils contain the necessary essential levels of natural bioactive compounds.

Here is how you get YOUR Premium Essential Oil Starter Kit (PSK) from Young Living !

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I know all this information can be overwhelming and if it is, take a big breathe in… I am here to share with you how to use your oils to IMPROVE your HABITS, HEALTH & HAPPINESS. If you have a question just ask? I am here to assist you- in the Library in this site, is a book that compliments these specific oils, is knowledge-based, “An Essential Oils Pocket Guide” book. You will be added, with your permission, of course, be added to knowledge base groups with like-minded people just like you. We work as a team, sharing knowledge so we all can have better lives for our family, children, and friends.

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The PSK (premium starter kit) contains10 essential oils plus 1 bonus oil!!! It includes, samples with freebies, dew drop diffuser and more! The kit is valued of over $300 but is discounted at $160 + s/h.
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