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Our goal with Wendy was to enroll 30 people at $ 3,500. The leads that Wendy generated and her sales system she created had to cut it off at 45 with people begging to get in the room. We closed $500k in upsells that weekend.


Sharon Lechter
Co-founder of Rich Dad Poor Dad

Wendy Stevens is a personal friend, but more importantly, she’s an inspiring speaker, brilliant marketer, and a savvy business woman. Wendy can teach you from her own hard-won experience, she will lead you into a fresh way of thinking, together with new marketing disciplines and new business paradigms.

Loral Langemeier
The Millionaire Maker | New York Times Best Selling Author

She is the queen of traffic and lead gen on steroids!! Wendy’s genius is in creating unique funnels that convert into lead generation that convert into sales. Wendy is by far the most brilliant marketing strategist I’ve met when it comes to direct lead generation tactics that produce real results.

Eleanor Beaton
Fierce Feminine Leadership

I started with LinkedIn less than 300 connections– no testimonies, or video. Today w/Coach Wendy and it’s over 1,500 & I’ve Generated over $60,000 in New Sales

Joan Robison

I was able to eliminate $60,000 in PPC advertising per year with Coach Wendy Stevens.

Chris Swift
Managing Partner | Noble Pay Inc.

After seeking Wendy out for The most affective Linkedin strategy and campaign I went from 1000 connections to 8700+, and in my first 30 days generated $4600 with his first client from Linkedin. My lead generation and client acquisition consistently grew from there to $80,000 in 90 days withWendy’s Coaching strategies & system for Linkedin.

Troy Hollenbeck
Copywriter & Lead Generation Expert

Wendy Stevens is a brilliant Guerrilla Marketing expert and can show you how to make money from LinkedIn.

Kevin Harrington
Shark Tank

Fortune 500 Clients